Sunday, February 12, 2012

Semi-Clean Sweep

I designated Saturday as a Cleaning Day...since my dad is coming to town on Tuesday!  I had my hubby home with me and a lots of time to clean the whole house.  I wasn't really looking for a deep clean....or even a 'spring clean', just a relatively thorough know, the kind of clean most mom's *think* they should be doing every week, but don't get to because they are too busy being waaaay awesomer than playing the part of the cleaning lady.  SO...I hoped to clean the half basement, the kitchen, the bathroom and all the other rooms with general dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc.  Riiiiight. 

Daddy started the day off with donuts, and Marin was juuuust fine with that!  I seem to remember doing the Saturday-morning-donut thing with MY dad, too.

 Marin chose a heart shaped, pink frosted donut, such a cute girl!
 Whooooo's coming?????
 There's Owen!!
 Hey, mama!!  I'm here to throw the contents of your kitchen drawers all over the floor!  Can't get mad...I'm just so cute!
 There's my blue-eyed boys!
 Still enjoying the donut.
 The hubs, on the job.

I should know, as a mom...I should know that a day with kids is *still* a day with kids, no matter how hard I try to make something more of it, haha!  I reluctantly assigned Kristoffer to dishwasher duty, and by this I mean figure-out-why-it's-not-cleaning-our-dishes kind of he spent most of the morning pulling it apart and doing his guy thing with tools.  I will say that I was able to clean the half basement and the bathroom...both during very abbreviated Owen-naptimes.  Aaaaand that's about all *I* accomplished as far as cleaning.  I just have to let it go and do as much as I can tomorrow, dad flies in Tuesday night!

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