Monday, August 2, 2010

Third Time's a Charm

After shuffling through 2 different wards with confusion on housing and ward boundaries, I think we have honest-to-goodness found our home ward, on the third try!  Kris and I feel bad that 2 separate wards have helped us move, and now we aren't in either of them.....oops, ahh well, we will hopefully have the chance to pay it forward and serve someone else soon!  Sunday I was sitting in Relief Society (still a strange place to me....I'm always in YW!) and about to fill out the 'new sister' questionnaire, and Kris pulled me out to tell me that we STILL weren't in the right ward.  But, we actually packed up and headed over to our prospective new building and confirmed with our new bishop.  It's funny, the building is brand new and an exact replica of the one we left in Vegas!

And my oh my how time flies!  We are FINALLY settled into our new home and feeling SOOOO much more comfortable here.  I will post some pictures soon of the house and the cute little view we have from our back deck, we really scored on that one.  The one drawback we are experiencing in this house, well, lack thereof.  This house has NO storage, except for some lovely shelving in the garage, so we are tripping over not only boxes, but random paraphernalia that has no home!  For instance, the kitchen does not have a pantry....?!!!!  I know, I know, CRAZY right?  I have temporarily put some of my pantry items on a wire shelf I pulled from the garage, but Marin has been going crazy with my stuff, which makes ME crazy.  We are saving to buy a free standing pantry-ish cupboard with doors to put in.....but that may be a little way's off.  Anyway, we will survive despite that, it forces me to be creative and pare down what I really don't need to have close at hand.

Kristoffer has really shown me he is worth his salt over the last few weeks, my man is AWESOME!   What an incredible husband and father.  And he has been loving his free time (no more homework!) in the evenings.  He has more time with his family, and he has been practicing his guitar a lot, which he loves. 

Marin is just about the smartest and cutest thing ever.  She has been putting words together like it's her job (well, I guess it is....).  She has been saying her own name over the last few weeks, and while she can't say "Marin", she CAN say "Manin"...which makes me smile every time.  I can't get over how fast she is growing.  I think she may be warming to the idea of having a little brother or sister, she seems more amenable each time we mention it!

Little Lyman is growing and growing!  I had another ultrasound on Thursday and baby is moving and kicking and getting big, I loved to see the baby move :)  The ultrasound tech asked me if I wanted her to look for a gender and I mentioned I didn't think it was determinable at this point, she said it isn't for sure, but sometimes you can get a good idea....I said, OK!  She looked around for a bit (I did to, heck, I know what to look for!), and while it is still too soon to tell for sure, her guess/vote was for a boy!  We shall see, so don't buy us anything blue yet, little fetus needs to cook for another 8 weeks and then we can tell for sure :)  I can't believe I am 12 weeks today, crazy!  I am hoping to be feeling better very soon, I think the nausea is wearing off, but my fingers are crossed for my skin to clear up, ugh, pregnancy breakouts are no fun...well, any breakouts are no fun, but I feel like a blasted teenager again!

And as far as my vegetable resolve....things are going SWIMMINGLY so far!  This week I have continued to hide yams in grilled cheese sandwiches and sauteed peppers and kielbasa.  Tonight I made chicken gravy over biscuits, and mixed in some pureed cauliflower....nobody knew!  I am one happy mama to be sneaking some extra veggies into my family (and myself).  Now, if I could just find a way to mix something into box stuffing, that would be genius.  I have been totally craving Stove-Top stuffing, I mean, I have always had a secret love for it, but now I could eat a box every day, yum.....

If you need our new address/phone numbers, just send me an e-mail or text and I will send them to you!


Tabitha said...

Wow, Stove-Top Stuffing? I didn't knew you loved that stuff! I've never developed a taste for it, really. I guess it's because I like stuffing from scratch so much! Although, I never make that either, unless I'm cooking a turkey!

Warburtons said...

I feel your pain on the pantry, we don't have one here either, I have turned my coat closet into our pantry.