Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Resolve

I have determined, now that I am starting to feel a touch better (tummy-wise), to implement some new healthy food initiatives in the Lyman house!  A LONG time ago (haha, right!), when I was pregnant with Marin, I purchased the book:  Deceptively Delicious, by Jessica Seinfeld at Sam's Club.  The thought at the time was to be prepared for the picky eating toddler-stage I knew would ensue at some point.   I read through the book and thought to myself..."I can do that, NO PROBLEM!".  I then misplaced the book for quite some time, searching occasionally for it, and during this move, delightfully recovered it and read through it again yesterday.  I now have a renewed sense of conviction to keep my family healthy and happy. 

After a tummy-nightmare yesterday and scarfing a shameful amount of cupcakes, I felt AWFUL!!!  No wonder, I knew I would, but I ate them anyway because I didn't know what else to eat that I could stomach.  I knew right then that as my tummy regained it's composure of the next couple of weeks, I needed to get back on track and start getting SNEAKY with Marin (and my tummy!).  That's right, SNEAKY!  Essentially, the book is a how-to guide that uses pureed veggies in a wide array of meals.  This way, kids (and adults!), get their nutrients without even knowing it.  Usually it's a half cup of puree for the entire recipe, and it all adds up!  NOW, lest you think that this process defeats the purpose of eating veggies...let me explain:  The foods you are making should be healthy in the first place, we're not talking about smearing  pureed carrots on your kids hamburger from Mickey-D's.  The book is very clear that the food is healthful to begin with, but advertises only the "yummy" aspect to kids, and sneaks in the nutrients.  Vegetables are ALWAYS still offered as a side dish and encouraged, but the chronic nagging from mom  to eat them can end!  You don't like it when your kids nag you, well....where do you think they learn it from? From nagging mama's!

So...as we speak, I am roasting sweet potatoes in the oven to puree and freeze and mix in with complimentary meals at my leisure.  I also purchased some cauliflower to steam and puree today too.  I am learning firsthand each evening how tough it is for a toddler to eat veggies, so I am trying something new with this 'new resolve'.  I want my little one to get everything she needs, and if I have to be a little sneaky to do that, then so be it, she will thank me in the years to come.  Ask me about my progress, hopefully I have good news to share.  And you should really check out the book, I do know they have a website: Deceptively Delicious.com, maybe you can find some tricks there also.  I am so excited to see how things go this week.  Tonight we are having Peirogies with Turkey Kielbasa and Peppers (and hidden pureed sweet potato), so I am crossing my fingers!  Later this week we are having Chicken Gravy (with pureed cauliflower) over biscuits. 

I am still at a weight gain of 4 pounds, so good news!  Let's hope I can keep myself on track!
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Warburtons said...

I love this book. Edward stopped eating veggies along time ago, so this has been a life saver. He still won't try alot of the recipes, but the grilled cheese, quesadillas, pizza and french toast are standards. He won't eat homemade mac'n cheese- won't even taste it. So I add the butternut squash to Kraft Mac'n Cheese and that works too

Tabitha said...

I've heard of that cookbook--My best friend has it and has made a lot of the recipes I think. What a good idea. I should try adding pureed vegetables to some of the meals I make. So, cauliflower, sweet potato, butternut squash ... what else? Carrots?