Friday, August 13, 2010

To Phoenix, To Phoenix, to Buy a Pink Pig

Our Kristoffer has returned from Phoenix, and we are so glad to have him home!  I can't tell you how much I (and Marin and Dog) miss him when his is gone.  It is wonderful to have our man home again, our home is now complete :)  And, he brought home a little something for his little girl.  This morning he brought Marin into bed to snuggle and pulled the CUTEST little pink stuffed piggy from his luggage, this piggy is just adorable!!  Marin has been in need of a new piggy for a little while, her old piggy is about the size of a beanie baby, and for a growing toddler, it seems he gets smaller every month!  What an adorable little stuffed animal, and Marin took to it right away, she knew what it was and took her new piggy and squeezed him and rocked him, such a sweet girl.  So, meet the new Piggy!

Such a cute little stuffed animal, look at that face!

Marin knew just what to do with him, she brought him downstairs and plopped him in the front of her shopping cart. 

Pushing around Piggy.

And giving her new Piggy kisses, what a sweet girl!

And...good news, my license came through!  Hooray!!  So, guess who's looking for a job today...oh yes, this mama is ready to be out of the house once or twice a week, I know, does it sound strange coming from my mouth?  I am the girl who wanted to be home 24/7/365 with her little girl...and now that I have been doing just that for 6 weeks, phew, I am ready to a change of scenery....and I have realized that I need that time to be a better mama!  I still would only like a day, maybe two a week, but nothing more, and preferably not 12 hour shifts, yuck, those are not my favorite, especially being pregnant.

And Little Lyman, ahhh our growing little fetus, getting bigger every day!  I am still not looking noticeabley pregnant, just....pudgy in the front.  But I can feel that I am about to just explode, ANY day now.  I am having trouble laying on my belly now, I need to prop one leg to the side, but even that's getting increasingly uncomfortable, it is starting to feel like I am laying on....a stack of CD's.  I am sure one morning I will wake up and have a new bump, that's how it was with Marin, just overnight and all of the sudden.  The nausea is better, thankfully, but, on the reverse, now I am getting HUNGRY!  Feed me, say's my tummy, almost all of the time!!  This is not good news when I am trying not to get fat like I did the last time WAY can I gain 53 pounds again!  And, sadly, I would be happy to drink milk all day, every is just so appealing to me right now, I would rather crave the salty stuff and have water weight than want to drink milk which is loaded with calories and fat (depending).  I think I am going to start stocking up on soy milk, just to try and cut back.  Especially now that we have discovered the location of our local Costco, nice!

As I write this, the largest Blue Heron just went flying through the wetlands about 20 yards from our house!  It is so cool living next to water, I have really enjoyed it.  Soon I will take pictures, the water has been a bit mucky as we haven't seen rain in a while, but the ducks are doing an excellent job of clearing it out, still it won't do justice to take a picture right now.

So, on the menu today is maybe a quick walk (it's going to be hot today), job hunting and a bit more unpacking.  We are pretty much unpacked but for a few random boxes and the guest room.