Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family Home Peaching

We had a lovely day today!  It seemed the weather (which has been a tad muggy as of late), decided to rest for a day and it was wonderfully cool and quiet all day.  It honestly felt a bit like fall, and I was loving it!  Gray sky, cool breeze, just made me smile. 

This morning, since our garage is finally not a designated Disaster Area anymore, Marin and I ventured out on our first neighborhood walk.  I was feeling quite good, and even got some jogging in!  I really surprised myself!  We had a good 30 minutes of brisk walking/jogging and ended at the playground for Marin.  She of course heads right over to the swings, but we usually do that last as an incentive to run around and play first.  Marin had a very long 3 hour nap, I think that little girl is just a growin' up on me, she weighs in at a little over 24 pounds now!  I also took a short nap and woke up to a very strange sensation in my entire throat and down.  It felt as though my esophagus was twisted up, ouch!  I walked around like this for about 6 hours and finally had a painful swallow and I think it untangled itself, it is feeling a bit better now, hopefully a good night's sleep will do the trick. 

Kristoffer surprised us by being able to get off of work a few hours early and we packed up and headed out to pick some fruit!  My initial thought was to pick blueberries, but the growing season is a bit different than in NY and most of the berries were gone, so we settled for peach picking, which, I have never done before.  It was very nice, and goes quick as peaches are quite a bit larger than blueberries and fill up your basket much sooner.  The peach trees don't look like much from the outside, but once you step underneath their draping leaves, the peaches are all around and ready for picking.  Marin of course was very intent on filling her "happy bucket" with as many peaches as possible, and didn't want much help....what a 2 year old, eh?  We picked enough to eat, bake with , freeze and some for me to practice jarring with.  I am very excited to practice doing this, it will be my first time jarring anything other than jam :)  I will take some pictures of my jarring adventures though! 

Tomorrow evening Kris flies to Phoenix for some training for work.  He will only be gone a coupe of days, so it won't be too terrible, but we will miss him of course.  I know he loves to fly, and hopefully he can finally have a little bit of quiet time, just for him when he is down there.

Tomorrow holds the promise of a trip to the post office and another walk (maybe jog?)...we shall see, oh, and some peachy goodness of course.

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