Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Weekend Fare and Fair

We had a little fun this past weekend, which was very theraputic for our family.  Kris took us to the Portland Eats festival by the river on Saturday.  It's a fun gathering of all different food, wine, beer vendors from around the area and has live music and local entertainment.  It was wonderful to walk around to smell and see so many luscious things.  We went around lunch time, so our goal was to GET FOOD!  I was starving, so we parused around and had some tasty morsels, it was wonderful.

Marin jumping in a beached lifeboat.  She LOVES to jump, that girl.
Marin taking bites out of all of mommy's sweet potato fries.  When she was done, all of fries had been drenched in ketchup and were half eatent, yuck!  I don't like sharing food with 2 year olds. ;)
Marin right after a bite of daddy's ice cream.
Happy Family!  Look at me, already filling out in the cheeks, blah, oh well, it's worth it....
Kris is gone until late tomorrow night, he is in Phoenix for some training, of course all the girls miss him around here, but we will make it!  If you want to check out my adventure in JARRING peaches, click HERE!

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