Monday, August 30, 2010

Animals, if you please...

What a super fun Saturday we had!  We received a monetary gift on Marin's behalf in the mail the other day (thank you!) and decided to use it to go to the State Fair.  Saturday was a perfect day and although Marin had a rocky start and needed some extra TLC that morning, by the time we got to the fair, she was ready to have fun! 

We started off by getting some food, I had reserved my lunch appetite for fair food and we had corn dogs and an onion blossom (I know, I know), and then did some walking through to see the auction animals.  We started with the cows, and then saw a ton of sheep and goats (the pigs and chickens we saw on the way out).  Then we wandered around for a bit looking at all the rides and games and art galleries before we headed over to the kiddie ride area.  Marin was just barely tall enough to ride the boat, it circled a little track and parents could hold their little one's hand the whole time.  She thought that was pretty cool.  We were in need of some shade, so we trooped over to the family fun area and while mommy sat in the shade with the stroller, daddy took Marin into the petting zoo tent!  I do wish I could have been there, but I am so glad Kris took her in.  She was able to feed the piggy's and the goat's, the chickens and ducks,  all the other fun petting zoo animals.  She had such a fun time in there with daddy.  We walked through the creepy/crawly tent and saw spiders and snakes and lizards and frogs, 2 very loud birds, and Marin was able to pet the tortoises.  I had to have some funnel cake before we left, so we all shared one of those and walked through the "spritzer" garden and Marin and daddy got their heads all wet from the misters.  We were headed to the exit after a good 2 1/2 hours when we saw the pony rides.  Kris really wanted to take Marin on a pony ride, so used up the last of our gift money to take Marin on a pony.  Poor thing was reeeeeally uncertain about those ponies!  She was pretty resistant to staying on and I could hear her from where I was standing asking for daddy to pick her up, but as she moved along towards me I called out to her and told her what a big girl she was and how mommy was so proud of her!  She was able to complete her 4 laps with daddy by her side, and talked about the pony for the rest of the day.  It was such a great day, and since all of the pictures are on Kris's phone, you will have to wait!  I triumphantly remembered the camera, until we got all the way to the middle of the fairgrounds, when I realized I had leave it in my purse in the trunk.  Ahhh well, pictures will some soon!

We also bought Marin some much needed new shoes.  Poor little thing has been saying "ouch!" every time we put her shoes on, and those little shoes were darn tight!  So, we upgraded Marin from her previous size 5 to a size 6 and 6 1/2, so sad we were stuffing her feet into such little shoes!  And, how is my daughter getting so big?! 

Sunday was a good day, Kris and I both spoke in Sacrament meeting and had a great response, people really like us here, I think! Kristoffer also received a new calling!  He has known it's been coming, and since I was already called to YW, that meant YM was 'out' for him (he really wanted that one!), so he dreadingly supposed it was going to be Gospel Doctrine.  He was pleasantly surprised though, Kristoffer is the new assistant ward missionary leader!  What?  When did my husband get old enough for that calling?!  He doesn't know the specifics yet of what the calling will entail, but of course lots of working with the missionaries is expected.  I guess I had better stock up my fridge, I'm guessing we will be feeding them too?

Today was a sleepy day for mama and Marin.  Marin was rubbing her eyes by 11am and I had to rest quite a bit this afternoon because I didn't nap.  I did manage to move my living room about, and now I feel quite at home with the new arrangement of my furniture and such.  It takes a few tries to get it just right!  I have been feeling this new little one squirming inside me lately!  And, let me just say, because I am able to recognize it much sooner than I did with Marin, and the baby is still so small, it makes for a startling feeling!  Instead of feeling a little swish here or there, I feel the entire baby roll around in such a small, concentrated area in my pelvis, it's a bit shocking when you're not expecting movement, haha!  But, happy to know my baby is growing.  The headaches are still from time to time, I find I need to eat often and drink a TON to keep them at bay.  When they do come, I am pretty hesitant to take anything, since Tylenol has never worked for me before, but Motrin during pregnancy is not an option, I have resorted to drinking small amounts of Diet Coke for the caffeine.  It seems to work pretty well.  I have some of the extra small bottles (like 6 oz I think?) and I only drink half when I need it.  Let's hope I am not damaging my little one, if anything, I would think pharmaceuticals would do more damage...?

I am starting to get to know my Young Women a bit better, I am very excited to start teaching again, I have missed that.  It will give me something to look forward to each week, seeing as how I am still unemployed :(  I know, sadly, there isn't much out there for what I need at the moment, a temporary per diem/part time RN job, yes, they are truly in short order.  If I wanted Full Time, no problem, TONS of jobs...Anyway, the right job will come when it's right, I will still keep looking however!

This tired mama is headed to bed, hopefully I can have some pictures soon!

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