Thursday, August 26, 2010

Old Adventure

Well, our adventure isn't exactly 'old', just two weeks.  I kept forgetting to blog about it until today, even though we had a really good time!  The other weekend we went for a family hike, and took the dog to an amazing off-leash thousand acre dog park.  Does that sound strange?  I know, I thought so too, I figured, what in the world is there to do with a thousand acres of open space, boooooring!!  Essentially, it's a park that they have just designated as being ok to let your dog off the leash.  It's a woodsy area with tons of trails and has a great sandy basin river running through it where you can let your dog romp in the water.  I was a little uncertain about it as Kris was describing it, namely, as a mother, I wonder if I am going to stand there and run after my child while Kris chases after the dog, not cool in my book. 

However...I was pleasantly surprised!  We had a nice, non strenuous hike to the river (it was hot that day!) and were able to find some shade to drop our gear and go play!  The river was about a foot deep all the way across, with an area that was maybe 2 1/2 feet deep, so the dogs could swim also.  Marin was able to wade all the way across the river and had so much fun splashing in the water.  Mollie was in dog heaven, oh my goodness that dog had the best time.  We all waded in the water and watched Mollie swim for the first time ever (she did great!)  then we had our picnic lunch on the beach.  Eating lunch was a bit challenging, of course with unleashed dogs running amuck, we had little (and big!) doggie visitors coming over to see what the yummy smell was all about and try and find a few scraps.  We stayed at the river for about an hour and half, and headed back to the car with a very wet dog, a very sandy Marin and a completely parched family!  We stopped for some gatorade on the way home ;)  All in all, it was a great Saturday excursion, and I honestly wouldn't mind going again!  Here are our pictures:

Marin in her pack all ready for a hike!  Check out the cool sun shade, very useful that day.

And the dog with her pack, such a great invention.  We load it with water and rocks to wear her out and so she doesn't jump up on people.

Marin with her little piggy tails, playing in the sand, she loved the sand!

She was a very sandy little girl!

Our spot in the shade, the water is off to the left of the picture.

Still very bright out that day.

The dog fetching her ball and daddy swinging Marin over the water, she and daddy have so much fun together.

Wheeeeee, daddy!  Do it again!!

On the itinerary for today, I am making dinner to take to a family in the ward, seeing as how it's a wonderfully cool day, I thought homemade chicken noodle soup with fresh bread and brownies sounded perfect, of course, that's what we are having too, yum! 

And, in order to relieve my hubby from a third night of whining and self mutilation (on my part), I need to rant momentarily about my woes in pregnancy weight gain.  I am getting a bit frustrated.  I am so determined not to gain a ton of weight this time around, and as I step on the scale and see it inching towards 9 pounds and then on our way to 10, I freak out!  I realize that during the move and lack of exercise, I lost some muscle mass, so my weight was pretty level, but now that I am exercising every day, and I see the numbers on that scale going up, up, up....ack!  I get really nervous!  I am sure some of that is from getting that muscle mass back, but I still just can't help freaking out!!  I tell myself; "just keep exercising, you can do this", but a girl is a girl and we are sometimes silly and I need some ladies to tell me I will be ok!! 

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Tabitha said...

You know, you can only do so much about your weight when you're pregnant. I truly think a lot of it is outside of your control. Plus, now that you're exercising, some of the weight you're putting on might actually be some muscle mass. You just don't know, and you won't know until after the baby is born! I gave birth to a 9 lb. baby, and only lost 5 lbs. in the hospital. What?? Then over the next 2 weeks, after all the swelling went away, I lost all but about 10 pounds of what I had gained. So, in actuality, I only gained 10 pounds when I was pregnant. You might be surprised at how much of what you're gaining is actually water weight. I know I was surprised. And I hear it gets harder with each pregnancy. Just do what you can to be healthy and don't worry about it! You can't control it anyway. Love you, sister!