Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday Recap

Our little Marin has turned two!  We had a very nice, albeit, unconventional day with our little girl.  Kris had to work a half day until 1, but Marin and I popped in around noon.  She loves to surprise daddy at work, and all the girls at the office just LOVE Marin and her little squeeky voice.  Daddy took Marin out to lunch for a Happy Meal at McDonalds, a rare treat, while mommy took that time to get some much needed shopping done at Costco.  We met up afterwards and made one final attempt to find a petting zoo near us.  No luck!  So, we took Marin to the park just down the street and played and went walking, she was happy to be with mom and dad, I think.  Afterwards we went home for a Mac and Cheese dinner (can you tell this day was for Marin?), and had cupcakes and opened presents! 

Here is Marin's special little cupcake!

She literally licked all of the frosting off and said: "All Done!". 

She was a very happy girl with her cupcake.
Grandma and Grandpa Owens sent Marin some puzzles and board books.  Marin has since been enjoying figuring out how to put the puzzle together (with a LOT of help), she really gets focused!  And loves any new reading material, this girl is a bookworm!

Mommy and Daddy bought Marin some new coloring books....

And (not pictured) a soccer ball, and the piece de resistance...a baby doll and a stroller.  We had no idea she loved baby dolls until we would visit friends houses and Marin went right for them.  So, we figured now was as good a time as any...considering the upcoming baby in February.  Marin is still vague on the concept of being gentle with the baby, but she loves to sing to her and rock her and especially push her in the stroller.  It really is cute!
The evening before her birthday we trooped down to the local airshow, and luckily we didn't buy tickets (15 bucks a pop!!), we had just as good a show standing right outside the fence, 30 feet away from the announcer and the other people who paid to get it!  Marin loves watching airplanes, and she was amazed at how LOUD some of them were, especially one jet in particular, which hovered (yes, hovered, who knew?!) over the tarmac for a good two minutes!  Mama had her hands over poor Marin's ear the whole time, that sucker was LOUD!  The whole time I thought about how much my dad would have enjoyed being there, maybe next year!

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...::Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

That cupcake looks yummy! :) Happy birthday to Marin!