Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just one of those morning's....

Last night I had the best intentions of getting a few things done so my morning (today) would not be so hectic.  I needed to make potato salad for the YW BBQ tonight, and chocolate chip cookies for VT this morning.  Kris worked until 8 last night, so I went grocery shopping after he came home as I couldn't make any of my delicious food  I got home around 10pm, and after I put everything away, I realized....I was tired!  So I trudged upstairs and read for a few minutes before falling asleep, leaving potato salad and cookies BOTH un-made.  This morning I dutifully woke up at 8:10 to read my scriptures before waking Marin up, and I distinctly remember praying for a good day and patience to spare (well, maybe not exactly like that).  So while Marin ate breakfast, I whipped around the kitchen tossing ingredients to and fro, wiping up dirty hands, trying to keep 2 year old fingers occupied and out of my ingredients, asking a crying 2 year old to please go her room if she is going to be sad, steaming boiled potatoes, giving hugs and kisses to a remorseful 2 year old, making cookie dough with her and giving her a taste, asking a crying 2 year old (again) to go to her room if she is going to be sad (mommy said no more cookie dough), placing a very whiney Marin in her room while I finish baking the cookies and making the salad, giving hugs (again) to a very remorseful 2 year old, getting her dressed, taking a shower, realizing it's raining and running downstairs to let the dog in, only to realize the dog is covered in MUD and leaving her outside in the rain,  running back upstairs to get dressed and finish my makeup, hauling everyone downstairs to look up a VT lesson, printing it off, giving snacks, and FINALLY....we made it out the door.

I guess I am out of practice.  Some morning's the adversary is just chomping at the bit to have a go at your morning, as I was in a less-than-spiritual mood when we hopped in the car to go VT.  Needless to say, we got everything done, Marin had her lunch and a cookie and a story and snuggle from a mama that felt very bad about the morning's events, and now she is napping.  My goodness though, I am glad every morning isn't this bad!

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