Monday, April 26, 2010

Romance to Love

I did not take the photo but I can establish t...
Paris, the city of lights, love, romance, chocolate and fresh faced adoration.  The city of legend where couples fall in and out of love within moments, and share tender kisses on deliciously inviting stone bridges.  In less than 36 hours, my husband and I will be embarking on a flight that will take us to a place I have only dreamed of until now.  While Paris may be just another city to some, to holds the promise of laughter, smiles, kisses, cool breezes, chocolate and moments with my amazing husband.  While all of these things are things I can experience right here in my own home...there is something magical about experiencing them in a far away city that embraces culture, good food, and good old fashioned romance.  Over the course of the next 11 days, we will have the chance to explore it all!  Kris and I will be in Paris for my birthday (on the 30th) and then we will head up to Norway and Sweden to visit some of his family before we head home on May 9th, Mother's Day (nothing is more fitting than to see my little girl after 10 days than on Mother's Day!).

So, of course while we are gone, there will be no posts for you to feast your eager eyes and minds on, sadly.  In my literary absence (ha!), please feel free to browse through my past blogging adventures and the Lyman family experiences.  Listen to some freshly loaded romantic music, and anticipate my Paris Journal entries when I return.  Heck, even I'M looking forward to those entries!  So stay, enjoy, and dream of Paris!

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