Friday, April 9, 2010

Have I Mentioned?

Have I mentioned that I am in LOVE with my little girl?  She is just the sweetest thing ever and she makes me smile every single day.  No matter how rough the day might be or how many tears she sheds in defiance, I pick her up out of her crib the next morning ....smitten, all over again.  She gives the best hugs that positively melt your heart every time, and when she says "I lub a mama/papa", it pierces me to my very core.  THIS is what it's all about.  THIS is what makes being a mother the BEST job in the world.  No amount of CPR, life saving measures or patient satisfaction in the world can even come close to how I feel at the end of a day with my Marin.  She is the reason I would give my life in death, and give my life in mothering every day.  She is my baby girl.


*Marin this morning eating her pancake, she loves pancakes, and really loves to stab them with her fork....this girl has got her untensils DOWN!  She is a PRO!

Yesterday Marin helped me make banana bread.  As soon as she hears the mixer she runs to kitchen yelling "HELP???HELP???" and pushes the kitchen chair to the counter.  She loves pouring in the eggs and vanilla.  Then when it's all mixed together she says "Eat?  Eat?".  She wants to lick the beater, silly girl.
I didn't catch a shot of her leaning over the counter and licking the beater that was still attached to the mixer, funny girl.
Yesterday Marin was trying on my sandals for size, hmmmmm, still a little big I think.
Today is a day for the park I think.  We have done the gym a few times this week, so time for a change.  Speaking of gym....I did a 5K loop on the treadmill the other day :)  Although I did walk for at least 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile, I still ran the rest which is a running total of 2.5 to 2.75 miles.  Go me, eh?!  And those Lucky jeans are getting looser, I've been doing a few moves at home to tone up and I think it's been working, almost ready for Paris baby!

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