Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Summa-Summa Time!

This new blogger is killing me!  Yikes!  I guess I need to give myself a long orientation to figure out how the posting portion works now.  Anyway....Summer is in the air in Las Vegas!  I know I know, for the rest of the country, it probably feels like spring just got here....which it did....but today is warm and sunny and just screaming for summer clothes, so we busted out some of Marin's cute summer outfits.
We did a little peek-a-boo/chasing photo shoot this morning together, Marin thought it was fun.  Here she is in her little white skirt and summer stripey top, I'm tellin' ya, the piggy tails complete the look, don't you think?

Ummmm, mama, why are you still taking pictures of me?

Oh dear, a little glimpse of my future.  She looks like a total teenager here, hanging out...glaring at mom...ahhhh the memories.
Time please?  She cracks me up!
Awwwww, my little finished project!  Well, finished for now.  I painted everythig white and tied some little pink and red ribbins to the backs of the chairs, so sweet!  I was hoping to do some stenciling in one corner of the table, maybe on the chairs, but that will have to wait.  This is cute for now, eh?

Today is a relaxing day, nice and warm, quiet.  A day to try and get things done!  With 2 weeks to the day until our Romantic Paris Escape, I have to get crackin'!  Only a few things left on my list to do, and we will be set.  There is always cleaning of course to be done, that NEVER ends I've learned.  I miss having a mom that used to do all that stuff for me when I was little!  We already went to the gym this morning, but I think we will head to the park also this afternoon and maybe do some bubble blowing. 
I have updated the 72 Hour Kit page, so check it out.  I'll be adding some pics of my progress on mine, so keep checking it out!

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