Wednesday, April 7, 2010

3 Weeks Baby!

I am in SHOCK that Paris is a mere 3 weeks.....21 days away!  I can't tell you how excited I am for this trip, well, I know I have tried many times.  The good news is that my Lucky jeans are getting not-as-tight, I love that!  I think I have just about crossed out almost everything on my To-Do list for Paris, which is good because I tend to be a last minute-er kind of gal.  Vive le France!

Sunday night Kris and I returned from a great (but fast!) weekend with his mom, grandmother, sister and brother in law.  While we didn't go to a live conference session, we spent time with family which was so nice.  I figured, hey, we can DVR conference and watch it at home, but we can't take the fam with us, so we will spend time with them.  I was able to find my Paris dress!  It's different than I imagined, but very pretty and a nice change for my wardrobe.....of course you will all see pictures after the trip.  I also had a chance to go shopping with my fashioista sis in law and it was so nice.  She is so sweet and lets me borrow her clothes every time we go up there, which I LOVE!  She has the best style and always looks cover-ready, and she spends next to NOTHING for her clothes!  THAT is what I am ALL about, so I picked up a few shirts and I will tell you, I have almost forgotten what it's like to have new clothes, isn't that funny? 

Kris's Easter Bunny prepared an Easter morning surprise for us with our own little easter bucket of goodies, such a treat, I felt like a little girl again, thanks Trine!  Marin scored a new pretty Easter dress (SO CUTE) which I have to get pictures of this Sunday.  She was ALL OVER the plastic easter eggs and at this moment is toting them around in her yellow easter bucket.  She had so much fun while we were there and played with the dollies and little kitchen set and stroller....she LOVED playing mommy.  Oh, and since we were there, Kris and I made a quick trip to Ikea and found a tiny table a chair set for 40 bucks!  Ikea is a big thing in Kris's family, since they are all from Norway and some now live in Sweden, it's cool to have a big Swedish store that sells just about everything!  We love going there.

By request, I need to be posting more pictures of I will be taking some today!  We are off to the gym soon, then home to clean/play/nap/shower etc.. then have dinner with Kris's dad Duane who is in town.  Have a great one!

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