Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm sorry, you want how much?

Mmmmm, life is just full of adventures (read: expensive mishaps) for the Lyman family.  Yesterday Kris's car broke down at (luckily) a gas station while he was on his way back to work from a promotional event.  Blah.  He called me and I got online and started looking for a tow company.....did anyone else know they aren't cheap?  I suppose I learned a lesson that I already knew-nothing's cheap!  One web site had prices advertised that were (as the lady on the phone said) over a year old and not up to date and that their prices were now xx.xx.  Ummm, I nicely explained to her that a year is a long time to not update a website and that I would be taking my business somewhere more reasonable, thank you very much.  Yuck!  All was sorted out, Kris's car was towed to the mechanics shop and there it sits...thankfully the problem was his battery, he just needs a new one, all things considered, it could be so mush worse.  It seems like things have been snowballing as we try and get ready for our trip, one more thing to pay for, and another, and another.  Welcome to life, I know I know, but thankfully this is my blog and I can say what I want, eh? ;) What matters is that my hubs and baby are safe and healthy. 

Yesterday was a WORKOUT at the gym!  Phew!  I did 8 miles on a bike, squats, lunges, pilates, and free weights and boy are my muscles SORE!  Does anyone else love to be sore from working out?  I LOVE that feeling.  My Lucky jeans are fitting, still a bit tight, but I am soooo close to making them mine again!

Last night for FHE, Kris and I took Marin to the pool!  She LOVES swimming, and the whole way there and back, she was saying "wimming, wimming!".  Such a water bug that girl is, and of course, daddy was king in the pool, he always gets the best smiles from our her.  She did NOT want to leave and clung to daddy's neck in hopes he would get back in the pool.  And....she surprised us last night by counting to 2!  We were surprised, but as Kris would toss her into the air, he would count to 3, and Marin starting counting for him, haha! 

Today Marin and I are sans car, so we will be taking a nice vigorous walk to the park and home for lunch and a nap.  Dinner club is tonight and I am making California roll-ups (so good!), summer squash casserole and apple pastry, yum!  Anyone have some great dinner ideas I can start incorporating?  I would LOVE the suggestions!  Just leave them under comments!

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