Monday, April 12, 2010

Love Letters and Such

The other night while Kris was doing homework, I was doing Pilates in our room, and as I had my head close to the floor, I glanced underneath the bed.  I spied a familiar pink box, sadly with dust on the lid....and I couldn't resist...I halted my workout and grabbed the box.  This pink box, is my love letter box.  Inside is pink and red tissue paper folded around some of the most delicious love letters and girl could ever hope for.  Letters written on stationary paper, letters on big thick Hallmark cards, letters with pictures of snuggling kitties on the front, so many moments of love captured on paper and stored in a pink box underneath my bed.  I LOVE my love letter box.  As I opened each and every envelope and read the messages my hubby had written for me, I was taken on a little "memory journey" of how our love has evolved.  I read letters from before we were married that expressed the joy and excitement of our impending wedding, then I read letters as a newlywed that had a deeper and sacred understanding of husband and wife new adventures.  I read letters marking our first and second and third anniversary, each one evolving with our life experiences.  I fell in love with my husband for the millionth time as I sat all alone on my bedroom floor with my pink box.

 He is an incredible man and I have so much deep and sacred love for him.  I have watched him become the kind of man that only fatherhood can produce...and I see how mature and steadfast he has become.  I fell in love with him for who he was when I married him, but I love him so much more today than any other day we have been married.  I could not ask for a kinder, more loving or selfless husband than my Kristoffer, and I want him to be mine, forever.  Is it funny that I still miss him when he goes to work in the morning?  One would think that after almost 4 years of marriage, that would have worn off by now, eh? ;) 

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Tabitha said...

Congratulations on keeping your marriage alive so well! I miss my hubby when he goes to work too, but I've only been married for almost 2 years so I guess that's normal ;) It is amazing how men change when they become fathers. Even though our baby isn't born quite yet, I've definitely seen a change in my husband with just him knowing what's coming up. I love the gospel and eternal families!