Monday, April 12, 2010

Peekaboo Sundays

Silly girl Marin likes to go into the bathroom and just lay on the dog bed, what a wierdo!  It does sound gross, but it's clean!
Marin trying out her new table and chair set.  Check it out, we bought the table and both chairs at Ikea for 40 bucks!  And, it's real wood!  LOVE that store, they have everything.  I will be painting them white soon, so stay tuned for updates on that!
I LOVE Sundays.  While they can get busy and stressful sometimes, they are the best for just chilling at home with my awesome family.  Kris does have homework on Sundays, but he spends as much time as he can just playing with his girls.  Yesterday Marin and daddy were playing under her watermelon blanket for quite some time, she would put her head underneath and see daddy and then yank it off his head, she was quite amused.

And would you believe, we actually have a plan for Family Home Evening tonight!  Most of the time, FHE is a last minute thing around here, but last night, Kris told us that in Priesthood, our Stake President had counseled us to get our 72 hours kits in order by June.  Yikes, anyone else get the shivers?  So....our plan for tonight is set.  We already have some HUGE hockey sized duffle bags not in use, so we will be using those to stuff everything into.  I have a list of things that any 72 hour kits should include, and most of it we have, but we need to organize it all into one ready-to-go duffle bag.  I will try to find a way to post that list on the blog somehow....Anyway.  If you haven't looked, check out the Food Storage Goal for this month:  GRAIN AND BEAN.  Every time you go to the store, buy an extra package or can of beans, rice, oatmeal, whatever.  I can tell you that ALREADY, my food storage is growing since I first started this monthly-goal.  If you haven't started your food storage yet, start now!  I promise that if you follow along with me, we can make our food storage GROW!

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