Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Halfway Home

I can barely believe that Europe is already done and over and 4,000 miles away again.  What a trip!  We had an incredible time and saw so many things, I wish I could remember every minute.  Sunday our flight from Oslo was delayed, but sadly, they boarded the flight early anyway, so we sat on a stationary aircraft for an an hour and a half awaiting takeoff.  We finally took off and our flight was redirected around Iceland to avoid the volcanic ash, which tacked another hour and a half onto our flight, so the 7 1/2 hour flight took 10 hours to complete!  Needless to say, I was climbing the WALLS!  Yuck, I have such a hard time getting through sacrament meeting, so 10 hours on plane next to the window was torture for me.  I need to wear one of those signs that says: "Does not travel well", as an advisory to innocent bystander....but, the trip is, well, halfway over.  We made it to Newark just in time to miss our connecting flight to Las Vegas.  It wasn't just us though, 2 other flights missed a ton of their connecting flights also.  After we went through customs, we made our way to the growing line in front of Customer Service to wait our turn, and by the time we made it to the front of the line, it had grown by about 250 to 300 people!  Glad we made it when we did!  Since I wasn't working until Thursday, my hubby suggested I just reschedule my return flight for later in the week and spend some time with my family...I hesitated knowing Marin would want to go back with daddy, but I finally agreed and here I sit in New York until Wednesday evening.  I am anxious to get home so I can stop living out of my suitcase though!

My little girl is well, though.  She had been sick for most of the time she was staying with my parents, poor thing.  Another respiratory illness, to the point she wasn't hungry and not eating...my poor baby lost a pound and a half!  I am working on fattening her up now that she is eating some.  The first night I came home, I gave her a bath and put her pajamas on and she snuggled on my my chest until she, and then I fell asleep :) Mmmm, happy mama.

And so, I will shortly begin my work on posting my Paris Journal and my countless pictures.  I would start now, but my journal and half of my pictures are on the computer Kristoffer took back to Las Vegas with him (he couldn't stay as he had to work Monday).  So nothing yet, but I will try to post as soon as I can, and I will make a note on the main blog page when I do finally post for my journal.  In the meantime, I am hanging with my family for today and leave tomorrow afternoon.

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