Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's all about Effeciency

Marin this morning finishing off her bowl of cheerios, well, she was really after the milk. Such a funny girl. You laugh at this, but I didn't get the shot of her licking the milk from her tray, haha!

What a sweet little face, she is such a good girl :)

We had tried in vain for quite some time to get Marin to say "please", and for about a month now, she FINALLY asks nicely, although, it sounds something like: "Eeeease!". When we give her whatever it is she wants, instead of saying "thank you", she will say: "yur wecome!". What a funny bug. She will say "thank you", but she gets all of those little nice-words all mixed up.
In other news...we have the chance to take a short trip to Salt Lake this weekend! It has been a while since we have had this chance, so we are very excited! Kris works a half day this Friday and we head up as soon as he is done, and we come home late Sunday night. Phew, that IS a quick trip! If luck is on our side, Kris and I may get lucky enough to score some tickets for General Conference! That would be a first for me, but nothing is set in stone yet.
I cannot believe Kris is almost done with school! He has three more classes, and they are all online, so the one he is finishing up now is his last campus class! The end is getting near!!!! I finally printed off invitations to his party yesterday, now I just need to tweak them up and send them out! The party is no surprise, I am HORRIBLE at keeping surprises, especially with Kris, he seems to find a way to get the information out of me.....oh well, it will be fun anyway!
And I just have to top off this post with some great counsel I heard when I attended to Young Women's Broadcast Sunday night. Our leaders are inspired and know our struggles:
**"....can one Young Woman make a difference in the world? The answer is a resounding YES!.....NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up!."**
In response to a Young Woman who had missed a day of reading her scriptures and was so disappointed, the leader turned to her and said, "So? If you forgot to brush your teeth yesterday, would you give up? Of course not. You would brush them everyday. Never, Never, Never give up!".
What great counsel!
I will try and update my other FOOD BLOG later today with some yummy new recipes, check it out sometime by clicking here!

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