Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Surprise

Wow, where did the weekend go? Thanksgiving has come and go and now we are fast on our way to Christmas already?! Kris and I had planned to spend the Thanksgiving with just ourselves, some homemade deep dish pizza and root beer floats, but we had a last minute change of plans :) Kris's family decided to come down for a super quick visit and a Thanksigiving feast, so Wednesday night, Kris and I scrambled to find a turkey and were up all night cooking some great food. We had SO MUCH FUN staying up chatting and making food, it was great. And, if I may say so myself, the food turned out AMAZING! We had a delicious, juicy turkey, garlic mashed potatos, cranberry apple stuffing, golden onion gravy, pumpkin cheescake, and Kris's sister made some delicious rolls with raspberry butter and cranberry sauce. We hadn't planned a traditional Thanksgiving meal, but it was I think the best I've ever had (or made!). And I got a some kitchen bling from my crazy and wonderful husband. He bought me a ceramic dutch oven, bright red and beautiful, I have been wanting one of those for a looong time. Plus, I got a roasting pan with rack to make our turkey, it worked perfectly, and I felt uber spoiled! If you are interested in my Thanksgiving recipes, just stay tuned, I'll be posting them later :) Although the visit was short, we were so happy to see family and Marin got to spend all day Friday with her Bestamor.

Here are a few of our pictures:

Marin with her Bestamor. Marin looks a little stunned, it was getting a bit late ;)

Marin ith Aunt Melodie, Kris's sister. I just HAVE to say how proud I am of Melodie, she played two of her amazing songs for us, and shared some good news about her new producer and we are so happy for her! She has worked so hard!

Marin and Uncle Sam. It was funny how unsure Marin was of Sam when they first arrived, she just stood there and looked at him, by the end of the night, they were laughing and playing together, she had a great time.

I was going to take pictures of our amazing Thanksgiving feast, but I couldn't find our camera charger until we broke out the cheesecake, so it's the only picture I have. Take a look at this bad boy, eh?! AMAZING! I made a chocolate ganache to go over the top, and the cheesecake was out of this world, sooooo good. It looks professional, no? Just think that the rest of the meal looked just as good.

Come to mama, oh yeah, my brand new ceramic dutch oven, I am in LOVE!

Such a great Thanksgiving. Work over the weekend was TOUGH though, man! I had some busy busy patients and they kept me running and the stress level high. I also had a "first"! I was starting an IV on a kid, and the mom passed out on me, right down on the floor! Yikes! Poor thing, I felt bad for her, but she was fine, I had someone walk her back to her room, and she was ok. I can tell you though, I was glad to be DONE with work! I missed my family.

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