Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Spirit

Last night after I put Marin to bed, I turned on the radio to the station playing christmas classics, plugged in the christmas lights on our entry-way, turned on the fireplace and let myself inhale the holiday spirit. I opened up a can of pumpkin and made some delicious chocolate chip pumpkin cookies to give out to my visiting teaching ladies today. It was wonderful to be in the kitchen smelling the cinnamon and pumpkin wafting from the oven, listening to Christmas jazz and seeing the fire in the fireplace. *Inhale* and release *ahhhhhhhhhh* :) I love this time of year, and I wish we could all be as happy and giving as we are during these wonderful months.

Marin I think is on the mend, she is still coughing up a lot of ....stuff, but I think it's on it's way out, so that makes me feel better. No mama likes to have a sick babe :(

And how could I forget....Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Wow! We had invited a few people over, but they were headed out of town, so it's just the three of us tomorrow. I was in the market last night looked at a turkey and thought to myself, "How are Kris and I going to eat all that?!". I therefore decided that this year, instead of turkey, we would be having a ....traditional Thanksgiving deep dish pizza! I make a killer deep dish pizza, and there were nooooo complaints from my hubby, he loves all things pizza of course (what guy doesn't, eh?). Maybe if we have company over, I'll go all out and make a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner, actually, two years ago I made some cornish game hens with all the trimmings, but this year, there's really no need :)

Marin mauling the dog. The only reason I keep that naughty dog is because she is so blasted good with the baby. Marin squishes and pokes and stands and sits all over that dog and Mollie just takes it.

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