Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Marin has totally gotten into greeting and good-bye's. She will always say "hi!", but every so often, we can get her to say hello, but it sounds more like..."Hi-Lo!". It is pretty cute. Saturday evening, she found Kris's phone, picked it up and said "Hi-Lo?" and had a funny little conversation, it was just the cutest thing ever!

She is so good with the cat, she is very gentle when she pets Sadie.

Here she is, our little happy greeter answering the phone, such a sweetheart!

I am still feeling pretty under the weather today, and I think Marin has caught my cold, so once again, we are laying low today. I think Marin is teething again, she has been drooling like crazy! We have welcomed 6 teeth in the last 4 months, so bring it on! I can't believe how fast my little girl is growing. I know now why my dad used to say he was going to put a brick on my head, to keep me little ;)

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