Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Little Triumphs

I have a few moments while the babes sleep to make mention of my morning triumph. I have been trying to cut back on the amount of wheat products our family eats, in particular Marin. She, like her mama, loves all things carbohydrates and unfortunately, that sometimes gets in the way of eating other things. It has also lead Marin to have a rather yeasty diaper area, so I got myself to thinking! Since Marin is not a big oatmeal fan, I thought, what if I made pancakes out of oatmeal that I grind into flour? Marin loooooves pancakes, so this morning, I dumped some oatmeal into my cuisinart and ground it up fairly easily into a flour like consistency. Then I threw in some baking powder, an egg, some applesauce, milk, stirred and I was in business. I wasn't sure if the batter would set, but I am telling you, the pancakes came out absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I was amazed and just delighted. Not only did they turn out and look pretty, but they were darn tasty too! What did Marin think? She gobbled them right down! Yessss! I just grinned at Marin while she ate them and nuzzled her cheek and whispered "You'll never know!", into her ear. Little triumphs make me smile, now that I'm a mom, it's hard to feel like I'm making any headway, but this morning.....I won ;)

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