Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Odds and Ends

Tonight I have the Young Women in our Ward coming over to learn how to bake bread. They will be making a loaf for the sacrament on Sunday too, but we'll make sure we get our fair share of freshly baked bread too! I was thinking we could have some hot cider too, ahh, I LOVE fall!

As we speak, I am running the self clean apparatus on my oven, I scrubbed the door last night and this morning, and now, just for kicks, I thought I would try out the self clean button. So that means that my house is filled with a smoky-esque aroma and my windows are open all the way.

I am also washing the pillows for our couches. Pillows are such hard things to wash! They are big and bulky and just don't fit into the washing machine. You would think I would have been a little more careful, but I tried to stuff 4 pillows into the washing machine. Did NOT turn out well. All of the sudden I heard a loud cyclical ripping and found the top two pillows had eeked their way up to the top and the spin cycle had torn the sides of both of them. Oh well, I've been thiking about new pillows anyway. I was thinking maybe I could buy some plain pillows and then make some covers for them so I can switch them out with the seasons? I need to think on that for a bit...

I was also thinking about how I would like to make a fall wreath to put on our door. I love fall and it would be so festive and fun to have a little fall centerpiece on our front door to welcome our visitors.

Next in line....So far I have been pretty lucky when it comes to my holiday work schedule, since I started working in healthcare (which was when I was 17) I have always gotten a pretty good deal. Not so much this year, but I guess it's been a long time coming. I kind of got the shaft this year. At work, every month we fill out a "wish list" schedule of the days we would like to work. This time around, because of my two weeks in New York, I got to the schedule DEAD LAST, so my choices were pretty much....well...obsolete. I was hoping I could get Thanksgiving off when Kris had his maximum amount of days off so we could take a trip up to Salt Lake. No such luck though. I'm scheduled to work right smack in the middle of pretty much ALL of his days off. So, it looks like we'll be spending our holidays here in Las Vegas. We'll be making some invitation calls here soon though...!

I think I've covered pretty much everything! Marin and I will be heading to the gym this morning and then to the grocery store later this afternoon to pick up a few things.

Picture Time!

I found a ribbon and was playing with Sadie, Marin saw me and snatched the ribbon so she could play with the kitty by herself. It was pretty funny, and the cat played along!
Play with me kitty! Oh, and just a side note about kitty, when Kris and I say family prayer with Marin at night, we bless "Daddy and mommy and doggy and kitty" and every time she hears the word "kitty", she says "kieeey!", right in the middle of prayer, it's sooo funny. :)

Have a great one!

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marci said...

Samantha, How many girls did you have and did you actually have the girls make the bread, considering that it is quite time consuming? I think that is something I would like to do with my YW! Also, I would love to have the recipe for the raspberry danish that you made. Can you share it? :) My email is (I'm posting under Marci's account.)

Love, Cori