Monday, November 23, 2009

Found Marbles!

I have been recouperating this past week and missed work both days, Friday and Saturday, but I am feeling much better now. Marin's cold, on the other hand is in full swing. Poor baby is all congested and draining and coughing. Although she's usually pretty spunky even when she's not feeling well, I can tell she's not 100%.

These past few days, Marin has really been experimenting with words, she now say's the kitty's name, Sadie (well, it sounds like Sa-eeee), and down, phone, she tries to say flower but it sounds like wow. She also says "all done" when she's done with her meal. It's funny to see how she watches my mouth when I say words.

Saturday night, I made some pretty yummy almond chocolate chip shortbread cookies for my Young Women on Sunday. I love making new fun things in the kitchen , but I have to give my goodies away, otherwise I eat them myself! Check the out!

Kris found some marbles at Wal Mart and bought them for like, 5 bucks, he LOVES marbles and it's fun to play marbles together. Marin thinks they are the coolest thing. She loves to bring the bottle of marbles over to me and beg to have me play marbles with her, such a funny girl :)
Daddy and Marin playing with the marbles together.

Here daddy, this one's for you!

I am off to get Marin into a hot shower, hopefully to clean her out a bit, have a wonderful day!


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