Monday, November 16, 2009

*Cough* ...Good Morning Monday....

I think I may have run myself into the first cold of the season, and let's hope the last cold of the season! This weekend was a DOOZIE, phew! I don't think I slept at all Thursday night, and so Friday at work, I was running on "leftover" energy? So, even though I slept Friday night, I was so out of it at work on Saturday. It was a rough couple of days, it seemed as though I had some "heavy" patients (not literally), so I was running steady for both days. Saturday night, Kris and I chaperoned a youth dance at the Stake Center, and I had a BLAST! I love to dance, and I don't get very many opportunities to do it, so I was stoked to go. I rushed home from work so I could change and we headed to the dance. At first, Kris and I almost got "busted" for dancing too close! Oops! Then they realized we were married ;) Haha! I guess we still look young enough right? The night was great, I got to dance with my husband, I danced with my great girls and showed them some killer moves, PLUS, I busted three couples! Oh yeah! I love being a chaperone!

That night when we got home, I wasn't feeling so hot. It had been a LONG day (I had been up since 5am), so we went to bed and I woke up on Sunday with a scratchy throat and sore mouth. Yuck. We went just for the last hour of church so I could teach my lesson. Today I'm not feeling any better, so we are laying low at least for the day.


Marin on Sunday morning, she liked to go hang out with daddy and sit right on his chest.

Kris and I at the dance :)

Kris in a rare shot actually busting a move.

We had such a good time!

Marin on Thursday helping me make muffins, she stood on the chair and loved every minute of it.

Munching on an apple I gave her.

Such a big helper!

I hear a little on up from her nap, so off I go!

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