Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The doctor will see you now. . .

Today we had Marin's 4 week appt with the doctor, even though she'll be 5 weeks on Thursday (CRAZY!). She's making progress! A whole 9 pounds this morning, yay! I think she would have weighed more, but this morning was a big poop-a-rama fest! I changed 3 dirty diapers and Kris changed 2 more, all before we left the house at 1000, and after getting up at 0730. Good grief is all I have to say! She must have pooped out a few ounces at least! I still can't help but wonder how a sweet tiny little girl can produce so much mustardy-goodness in her little britches! She is making up for it though, she's been nursing all..morning...long. Hungrry girl I guess.

The nice thing about working on a pediatrics floor, is that when it comes to choosing one for my daughter, I know pretty much most of them, which did indeed come in handy when the time came. The pediatrician I picked is just a really great guy, very nice and I totally trust his judgement (as a mom, AND as a nurse, that makes a difference. I tell you this because when we got to the office today he asked me if they (the staff) had brought me right back and I said "No, we had wait for a little while" and he said, "Well, I'll have to talk to them, I put a little note in your chart to have them bring you right back when you get here. You help us out a lot at Summerlin (the hospital), so we should be able to bring you right in.". Talkabout a nice guy. never had noticed that on our previous visits, we barely sat down and they called us in. Nice!

This week is going to be busy. Our Dr's appt today, enrichment meeting tonight (Kris got suckered into participating in the child care for the sisters:) ), I'm visiting teaching tomorrow and making cinnamon rolls for my OBGYN (I promised him some), MY doctor's appt on thursday, and Friday the Direct TV repair guy comes and Kris and I have a baby shower to go to Friday night. Long and busy week. That is ok though, It's better than feeling like I'm trapped at home.

Here are some pics for you from the weekend:

A little nap for Marin, all curled up on her side in her pack and play. She's starting to get some chunk on her thighs, hooray!

In some pajamas my mom got for her. They don't have legs, just a little opening in the bottom, like a little sleeping bag, sooo cute though!
This crazy pic is from Saturday when we were taking baby pictures. We were next to the car, and this HUGE bug landed on the antennae of the car. I think it's a dragonfly, but I'm not sure. It's cool because it was bright orange and it's head was all crazy shaped and hard and . . . wierd.

Now it's naptime. Marin is sleeping on my chest, and I'm a little sleepy myself:)

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Scooter & Emi said...

Scooter and I looked at all of the pictures together and it's official--he says that Marin "Is such a cute baby!" I totally agree! How could she HELP but be adorable with such gorgeous parents????? It's always fun to read your posts, and we LOVE the pictures (especially those amazing family pictures!). XOXO!