Sunday, September 7, 2008

Where is the off button?!

My goodness! I knew that some babies cried a lot, I've babysat lots of them, I've learned how to deal with them, but at the end of the night, I hand them back over to their parents and escape along my merry way, home to my nice clean, un-wrinkled, (QUIET I might add) bed.

But to think that I could produce a bundle of joy that cries with the persistence that my daughter cries with, is, ok, well, pretty believeable. I guess she takes after her mom (sigh!). I can't get over how long she makes an effort to squeel for! She will cry and get a second wind and cry and get a third wind and then a fourth and fifth and sixth and it continues!

Where does all of this energy come from! I need some in pill form to take before I go running or something, or at least in the morning after a sleepless night! I know she's not colicky, I've dealt with lots of those, and this is not a colicky cry. She is just so blasted persistent. After she eats, she'll start crying half an hour before she should be hungry, just to ensure that we don't forget to feed her I think.

Lest my father read this and think I just let her cry all blasted day, no, I do not. This occurs mostly happens in the evening, her fussy time, but today, she is just not happy. And no, I hve not been eating crazy foods. I've been eating very bland-ish foods thank you very much.

So today, I sit here on the couch and wonder. . .are we there yet? No, wait, I'm there, and I think I'm ready to leave...or at least take a break. :)

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Scooter & Emi said...

I am all caught up with reading! I especially love the pictures--I can't get enough of that cute little girl!!!

One note. I was the same way with breastfeeding in the doctor's office with Scooter. With Emily, I thought, "To HECK with THAT!!" I totally fed her and of course the doctor came waltzing in. *laughing* BUT. We did almost the entire exam while Emi was eating (I was covered, don't worry, ha ha). So, I guess what I'm saying is... FEED that baby! :D The doctors have seen it all, trust me. :D xoxo!