Friday, September 19, 2008

Just some pictures:)

Well, I guess these are the only pics the computer will let me upload tonight. These are from yesterday. This one is during the evening, in her favorite spot to cuddle, right on mommy's chest. She is such a good cuddler! It's moments like this that I remember how wonderful it is to be a mom.
I was trying to capture Marin in her moments of interaction. She really does try to make faces and noises at me. I'll look at her and smile and make "o" shapes with my mouth and she will study SO intently and then make an "o" shape too. Occasionally she can smile, even though it's incidental, it sure is a cute little open mouth smile. Here is her "o" mouth.

During the day Marin gets tummy time. Even though I am very strict that she sleeps at night on her back (well, I tip her a little on her side, just in case she spits up), during the day, when I am right there, I will let her nap on her belly. I think it helps get ot some of that gas she gets in there. I only let her nap this way when I am right in the room and can check on her every few minutes. Babies sleeping the night on their bellies is NAUGHTY. And little babies sleeping in bed with their parents is especially naughty.

Another almost-open-mouth smile. She really tries so hard, it's adorable.

Nothing exciting today. Some dishes and laundry. Marin has been sleeping a lot today, We call these sleepy days her "growing" days. She just goes right back to sleep after she eats. Those are nice days. I can actually get some stuff done.
I made dinner tonight and she fell asleep as I carried her around in the jeep carrier, so just before Kris and I sat down to eat, I laid her in her pack and play. We had about enough time to bless the food and put food on our plates and she woke up. So far, I've nursed her every time we eat dinner. Not the most comfortable. Ahh well. Soon enough. She's already growing faster than I can believe. Enjoy it while it lasts right?

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Scooter & Emi said...

That is one adorable baby!! Thanks for the cell picture--I would have called but the kids were going nuts. :) I was thinking about you though!!