Friday, September 5, 2008

Weight gain, and loss...

Yesterday was Marin's doctor's appt., and things are right on track! She weighed in at 8 pounds and 20.5 inches long since our last visit 10 days previous, so she gained 13 ounces and grew half an inch! Mama's milk must be somewhat decent eh? She's been nursing like crazy lately, some days it's every hour or so! I guess all that milk is being put to good use though.

Getting to the docotrs office was a little challenging, as was being there. Our appt. was at 1115, and my goal was to be out of the door by 1030 to get gas and be there in time. Well, the night before she was up at least every 2 hours if not more frequently (remnants of mommy's cold I think, she just didn't feel well and was stuffy). So the morning was off to a slow start, I was exhausted and I didn't wash my hair that morning, just to save some time. So at 1030, she wanted to eat, so we plopped down and I tried to hurry her, and I think I took her off before she was finished, she wasn't very happy with that. Then I had a girl from church drop by with some banana bread (yum! :)) so that added a few more minutes. I finally left a minute before 1100, and as luck, and Murphy (murphy's law) would have it, I caught every single stinkin red light from the house to the doc's office.

When we got there (after she had cried in the car halfway there:( I do feel bad) They needed to do her second PKU (a heel poke and severl squeezes to fill these little circles on special paper), and they did it rigt at the beginning to the visit. Baby was FURIOUS! Well, I would be too I guess, and she wanted to EAT! Unfortunately, I didn't know how long it be for the doc to come in, so I didn't want to chance feeding her. Marin screamed the whole time we waited, and the whole time the doctor was in to see her. I felt so bad! Poor girl! I really like our pediatrician though (one of the perks of working in pediatrics at the hospital is that I know all the pediatricians, so I didn't have to go into making the decision blind) and he said he would flag the room so I could feed her, and just come out when was ready. I like the way he runs his office, nice guy (smart too!).

Marin ate like I had never fed her before in her short little life, from both sides! She was satisfied after that, so we went to Sam's (mom was starving!) for lunch and to pick up a few things. Then we came home ad I was going to nap while she slept. No such luck, she woke up.

But the day went well altogether, today we are just hanging out at home. Picture time!

Daddy getting some snuggle time with his little girl before bedtime.
A further away pic. I love seeing Kris snuggle with her, it's so cute:)

One more pic from MY side of the bed, you can't see the back of her fuzzy little head, but just imagine a fuzzy head.

Here she is yesterday evening, she is getting to be more an more awake, taking in the world.

Just looking around!

Oh, so about the blog title! Lest I forget. Marin is gaining weight, as she should be, and I, I think, am losing weight. Hooray! I gained roughly 50 pounds during pregnancy, and we bought a scale the other day so I could track my progress, and I have about 30 pounds to lose to get back to my starting weight. I'd like to lose 40 to get back to my complete pre-pregnancy weight, but we'll start with 30. I did some pilates this morning (my belly is sooo weak) and worked with my yoga ball. It helps that I'm beastfeeding, because baby sucks off around 500 calories a day, nice! Anyway. That's all!

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