Thursday, September 25, 2008

striped pants

Last night finished out a little rough. After I posted the blog, we went to the grocery store to pick up some much needed vegetables and a few other things. Marin screamed the whole time. Now, this wouldn't normally be of much concern. If I were at home, I would have been fine, but when a baby cries in public, everyone wants to come over and look at the crying baby or try and calm the crying baby or tell you why your baby is crying, and even sometimes try and touch your crying baby (not so much anymore). This drives me nuts. The last thing a mother of a crying baby wants is attention, and, to say the least, having people come over and try and tell me she's hungry, or jostle her car seat around to try and calm the baby. Ughh! That drove me nuts. I had a store manager or something come and stare at my child and wiggle the car seat the whole time I stood in the checkout line, trying to calm her down. I think my nerves were at a breaking point and if I had intercepted, I may have left a bloody mess and a headless store manager:)

Things went better after dinner (A late dinner). We took her in the shower with us, which of course, knocked her right out and calmed her down. Then into her jammies, a snack, and into her basket. She slept a little over 4 hours:)

Today was fairly good. My doctors appt today went well. Marin was a little fussy through that. It wouldn't have been so bad, but all women who have had children know that on your 5 or 6 week checkup, the doc needs to check everything out. So trying to calm a fussy baby with no pants on and a oversize paper towel wrapped around your waist is a little tricky!

Then we dropped off some prescriptions, went home for a late lunch and went to see our friend Keli. Her baby is almost 4 months old, and she has a 2 year old, so we chatted for a bit.

Kris came home fairly early today, so I made dinner (which was not bad by the way). I tried a recipe for goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts, and they weren't bad. Not a favorite, but tasty for dinner nonetheless.

Nothing big in store for tonight, I think Kris and I will try to watch a movie and we'll take Marin into the shower again before bed. Tomorrow the TV guy has to come and fix our satellite service, and we have a baby shower for a friend to go to in the evening.

Here is Marin today. She's wearing a whte onsie with a fuzzy pink tree and a fuzzy brown bird, with matching brown striped pants:) Very cute outfit. I tried putting on the pink and brown shoes, but she kept kicking them off.
Here is the little fussy bugger yesterday, just a rare moment between crying.

Only one smile yesterday for mama though.

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