Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The kitty and her bugs. . .

Here is Marin in her bouncy seat. It's naptime, and she is soooo tired, but she fights it so hard. I can just hear her little brain telling her poor eyeballs: "Must. . .stay. . .awake!" She does this a lot. I wonder if I did that as a baby? We bounce her until she falls asleep, which I'm doing as we speak with my foot. I'm becoming better and better at multi tasking, and I thought I was good before! You can see in the picture the bags under her eyes, and you can also see her skin. Poor thing, her skin broke out with baby acnes about 6 days ago. I thought it was something I was using on her or me and it rubbed on face when she ate. The doctor told me yesterday it's just my hormones that are making her break out, and she gets them through my milk. He said it takes a few weeks to show up. I just wash her face and occ put some hydrocortisone cream on it (per the doc, thank you very much. I'm not doing it as an experiment.).
Now to explain the title of this blog. Our cat, Saide has always been fairly playful, and one of her favorite things in particular is to play with bugs. She likes it because unlike toys, the bugs "play back". Well, they are mostly trying to get away, but Sadie thinks it's great fun. Last night she had a couple of run in's with some bugs. She was sniffing a particularly small one ( I know because I was watching her), just a tiny little ant, and she must have taken a nice deep whiff, because it went right up her schnozz! At first she sneezed a few times, but I think it was crawling around IN her face, because she exploded into this gagging/sneezing/snorting wide-eyed frenzy. It worried me a little until she calmed down, but looking back it was pretty funny.

You would have thought she had learned her lesson, but Kris showed her a cricket that was in the house, and she was ALL OVER that one. Crickets are especially fun for her, because not only do they run, but they jump too! Bonus!

Here she is playing with her little bug friend the cricket.

I think she's deciding what to do next.
It had been hopping around quite a bit, and now she's decided that it's time for a little cricket snack. Oh yes, Sadie eats the bugs after she's played with them (except for the beetles (beatles?)). I chuckle every time I see her crunching away on something. We don't need to spray for bugs, we have the cat!

And she's just about done with her cricket. Not sure how it tasted, all that was left was the back leg.
That's all. Kris is off rock climbing and baby and I are going to make cinnamon rolls. She hasn't gone to sleep yet.

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