Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Finding the time for. . .?

It's Wednesday already? Wow, where did the week go?! I think I tried about 3 times to post something on here, and either the internet was CRAZY slow, or Marin kept waking up from her nap. She seems to do that a lot, wake up too early from her naps. So, I get excited that I either get to nap or get stuff done, and then she wakes up 15 minutes later, just as I'm starting to fall asleep/load the dishwasher/uploading pictures etc.

Ahh well. So last week I think I was able to post that Kris and I (oops, and baby too:) )went to Utah to see family. It was a great 3 day trip, nice to get out of the prison. . .I mean, house, for a while. We got to take in a breath of some much cooler air, which was fantastic! And see lots and lots of trees and grass. I miss grass.

Marin has been much more vocal lately. I don't just mean crying (although there is plenty to be had of that), she has been making some cooing noises and it is just the cutest thing! There are select moments during the day that she will look at your face and try to imitate what your doing. She studies your face soooo hard, and thenif you open your mouth and make noises and smile, she'll try to do the same thing. It really is adorable. I know she may be a bit young for smiling, but these are NOT gassy smiles (she does have those, and I know what they look like). I'll be hardpressed to get a picture though, thoses moments are fleeting and rare, but soon enough I guess.

Today we went for a walk in the stroller down to the park. The weather has FINALLY been cooling off enough during the day to be able to go outside, and today was wonderful. So we went and stayed for half an hour and walked back. Good exercise for me also. I've lost about 30 pounds (YAY!) since giving birth (out of the slightly over 50 I gained :( ), but, the weight is coming off, and today is the first day I have been able to put on NON-maternity jeans. Granted, they are still about 3 sizes larger than I usually wear, but progress is progress. Only about 20 more pounds until I'm at my starting weight (25 more pounds for pre-pregnancy) but as a nursing mama, 20 pounds is perfect:)

So, here are some pics:

This is Marin sucking on her hand. Kris thought it was funny that she enjoyed chewing on her little fist. Cute girl!

Ahh, poor girl has been getting over a cold, and has subsequently been stuffy and needed sucking out (as I call it) These are her two worst enemies.

Sucker+Nasal Saline+Mama= (see below picture)

A VERY unhappy little girl :(

And here we have a picture of redemption!

Breast pump+bottle+bottle warmer= (see below pic)

A BIG thumbs up from mama :)

That means that once a week or so, daddy stays up with baby, and mommy gets to sleep ALL. . . NIGHT. . . LONG! :) :) :)

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