Wednesday, August 28, 2013


So my mom was here this past week (working on pics!!), and we went for a family walk on Sunday down to the little marsh that's near our house.  It was quite the hike, phew!  We must have walked close to 4 miles up and down rough hills.  Anyway, we took a different loop on the way back, and discovered a veritable GEM, wild plums.

We weren't sure what they were at first, they looked like cherries!  So we picked them apart and tasted them and concluded they were wild plums.  I filled up my hubby's cargo pockets, much to his chagrin, and we took them home.  Kristoffer actually offered to go back and pick some more for me, such a sweet hubby, love that man.

Here are a few of the plums before:

 Aren't they so pretty?!

 And last night as they were simmering away to become luscious, tangy jam.
 I filled up ten jars to store, and two jars for the fridge, and this jam is going quick!  It is SO good!!  My absolute favorite jam is still peach jam, but this is for SURE a very, very close second.
 My breakfast this morning, a toasted english muffing with jam and a scrambled egg.
I am so happy to have discovered these wild plum trees, and to put their fruit to good use.  PLUS, we also discovered a wild pear tree while we were down there, so I need to pop back down in a couple of weeks and see if they are ripe...

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