Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My First Kinder-Girl!

My sweet little Marin turned 5 last week (more on this later!), and Monday marked the beginning of Kindergarten for her!  I can't believe my big girl is doing the whole 5-day-a-week school thing!

She's ready though.  Last year we did preschool, two days a week.  It was a really great experience for her.  Considering I'm not one of those nutty parents who really wants to throw their kid into preschool at age two (I had no idea people did this!), I only wanted to start when she starting giving me signs she was ready.  And when you're 4, two days a week is plenty.  Besides, I don't get that time back.  And now, she is five (half) days a week.  Those two days a week of preschool really helped to prep her socially for this.  She was a little on the shy side, and it was such a great experience for her.  I'm totally ready for her to be in school, I'll have the mornings with just Owen, which not only makes it easier, but he deserves one-on-one time, too.

Her she is on her first day!
 My two crazy kids, boy do I love them.  They are the sweetest children, and I am one blessed mama.
 Owen has hamming it up, funny boy.
 This is usually how things are...
 They make me laugh, those two.  As different as they are, they are two peas in a pod.
 Daddy and his big girl!  Now that kinder has started, this train won't stop for another.....18 years!
 A quick shot inside her classroom.
So happy for my big girl.  She is moving on to new and exciting things, and as hard as it is to say goodbye to my little baby girl, it's wonderful to see her look forward to new things.  She is such a smart little girl, and has a million questions a day, seriously, this girl can rapid fire those questions!  And her mouth runs faster than her brain does, sometimes she'll stop and say "Wait....what was I talking about??", totally hilarious!  Can't wait to see what this year holds for her and for all of us!

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Warburtons said...

I can not believe how big she is!! She is still in Nursery in my mind. You have got very cute kids!