Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Awwww, Honey, Honey!

This year, Kristoffer pulled his VERY first honey harvest.  We were both pretty excited.  You ll have to excuse my lack of pictures...I got a new camera for our anniversary, and I haven't figured out how to activate the Wifi on it yet, so these two limited phone pics will have to do.

Here is the honey!  There is actually a half full fourth jar in the back...which would have been full, but Kristoffer already shared some ;)

That front jar is a jar that my dad filled with honey last October for Kristoffer from his own hives in NY.  Glad to see we're keeping things in motion.
We had some friends from the ward over for dinner with their 5 kids (!) and they all helped scrape the comb into the bucket.  They gave us such a nice compliment, too.  They told us that so many people in the ward were talking about how quickly the Lyman's have adjusted and have become a part of the ward; most new families have a period of adjustment, and evidently we've jumped right in.  What a nice compliment!  I was totally flattered!  I guess we've moved around enough to get the hang of things?

We ended up getting about a gallon of honey, which isn't bad for a first time honey harvest, and that's only from about 4 frames!  That's amazing!!  I'm still waiting for my chickens to start laying, I think the time is coming soon....Kris finished the nesting boxes, so tomorrow I'll clean out the hen house, add some bedding to the boxes, and some golf balls...just to let the ladies know where the little round white objects are meant to be deposited.

Over Labor Day weekend, we went to Fort Bridger, WY.  Kris's dad and step mom live there and every year the town hosts their yearly Mountain Man Rendezvous.  It's totally crazy and so fun to walk around and see all sorts of....mountain man stuff...leather, skins, dresses, guns, all the things that remind me of my dad, it really made me miss him.  We also went to the mountains for a picnic, and on the way back, my little buddy fell asleep in the back of the Jeep.  Such a cute boy, I love this little guy so much.  Again, my lack of pictures is due to new-camera-non-knowledge.

At some point I'll get this new camera figured out, I have so many pictures on there!

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