Friday, August 16, 2013

This and That

I'll try to catch up on some random things I'm sure I've missed over the last couple of weeks.  I've been posting so much house stuff...

Well, here's one more...Kristoffer lightly sanded down the banister so we could paint it.
 Aaaand here it is half primed, haha!
 I usually cut my squash in half, but I tried saving time and just poked holes in it, so this is what happens...yeah, not so pretty.
 Trying out some furnitre placement in the living room.  I still need to get to ALL of this furniture in here.
 It's not everyday I catch a shot of my kids sleeping, but one day, I was lucky.  My little Owen having a snooze.  Love this boy!
 The kids were in the front yard the other day while the sprinklers were going, it was pretty cute.

 Summer harvest-time is the BEST.  I love all of the veggies that start coming out of garden's everywhere.  Nothing like a big fat BLT to really taste some of that.
 A friend of Kris's gave us a big bag of home grown tomatoes, and I was worried I wasn't going to be able to take advantage of them all...until Kristoffer asked me to make I did.  Roasted red pepper and tomato basil soup with rye croutons.  It was soooo good!
 I went to see some friends that are from my home branch in NY, and have recently moved to Vegas.  They were up in Utah the other week.  This is Dylan on the left and Katie on the right.  I used to babysit these kids, crazy!  Now Dylan is home from a mission in France and getting ready to start school this fall, and Katie just graduated high school and is prepping her mission papers...CRAZY!  When did I get so...old??

Dylan, Heather, Samantha, Katie and Michael.
 I love this family.  I grew up with them in the Greene Branch, I babysat those cutie kids, they were such close friends to my parents and we would see them at our house for dessert and games whenever I came home.  Michael was the one close friend who was with my mother and Jacob when my father passed away this June, and I will forever be grateful to him for being there.  Knowing that a worthy priesthood member was with my mother at her most intense moment of grief has been an invaluable consolation.  Michael is an English professor and gave the eulogy at dad's funeral, and it was perfect, So grateful for this family and their friendship!

 I can't believe I didn't post anything about our trip to Bear Lake!  About 6 weeks ago, we took a long weekend and went up to Bear Lake, it was just what we needed.  Family time after some big changes. Totally needed it.  This is Marin and Daddy at Olive Garden for dinner one night.  She is such a sweetheart, and daddy loves his girl.  They were playing games together, you know, the one's on the kids placemats.
 Aaaaand, this was Owen's cranky face.  He didn't do so well going to sleep in the hotel room, or staying asleep, and he was one tired zombie-boy.  Yeah, that face is priceless.
 Mmmm, fresh raspberry shake from the local burger and shake shack.  It was super yum!
 The weather was gorgeous while we were there.  And the lake looks like the Caribbean, bright aqua blue water.  We all had a blast on the beach.
 Daddy was having way too much fun.

 Sharing a pie.
 Brother and it.
 This cutie girl was collecting tiny sea shells.
 "I found seashells, too, mama!"
 This tired buddy conked out in the car on numerous occasions, even on short drives down the street for dinner.
 Had to take advantage of the hot tub!

Hopefully I'm all caught up now! 

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