Friday, August 16, 2013

Furniture Project #4, Shelves

Next furniture project...shelves!  These shelves were left at the house by the previous owners (amongst other things, including junk), and I'm so glad!  They've been sitting in the garage while I've decided what to do with them.  Initially, I was planning on using them as a toy shelf in Owen's room, but I really needed some narrow shelves that were only so wide for a specific spot in the kitchen behind the kitchen table for crafty stuff (since I took the hutch, and that's where they were before), and these were really a perfect fit.  So I took 'em!  

Here is the before:
 These shelves are handmade, not the best job, but pretty decent, and real wood.  I'll take anything if it's real wood.  So I lightly sanded them down just to rough up the surface, primed them, and painted them the same white as the kitchen table and distressed them. 
 I know it's kind of hard to see, but the turned out great!  I need to find some baskets that fit a little better, so these are temporary...for a while, haha!
 I didn't have anything distressed in the kitchen/family room area, and it was screaming for some charm, so I'm glad this piece fit the bill.  Plus, it was free (with the purchase price of a home...).
 This is going to be a great place to organize all of Marin's school stuff, for homework at the kitchen table.  And I'll hang my calendar above, so it will be perfect!
Still loving my paint sprayer, it makes things soooo easy.  It does act up from time to time and then I need to give it a little more TLC, 4 down.....and....more to go!

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