Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Front Door

Today, I got to a project I've been itching to work on since we moved in.  The previous owners of this house were deeply in love with the color blue...deep blue.  And, I have to say, I like blue, but it was just not working for me, especially on the front door.  The blue front door just blended in with the blue-ish colored house, and it just seemed to be such a...somber color.

So, we changed it up.  I initially told Kristoffer that I wanted to paint the front door a nice raspberry/fuschia blend...he thought I was joking.  Haha, I knew he would never go for it, so I chose option number two that's just as lovely and not as shocking for the neighborhood (or the hubby), and went with a soft, happy, spring yellow.

Check out the before:
 Wait, so where's the front door?  It's lost in a sea of blue (don't get me wrong, blue doors really can be lovely).
 That light fixture?  Old, black and brassy, blech! 
 And AFTER!!!  Tadaaaa!  I love, love LOVE IT!  It's the perfect shade of yellow, and it's so...happy!  Exactly what I wanted my front door to say.  I also had hubby take the hardware off so I could change it from gold and brassy to bronze and lovely.  It really pops with the yellow.
 Oh, hey, there's the front door!  Look, it looks so happy and inviting...just keep looking past those dead and crispy plants in the pot.  Yeah, about those...
 Seriously, those plants, That door faces full west, and these are the second set of plants that have burnt to a crisp in those pots.  Poor plants, I need to find some hardier options, I'm thinking succulents?
 Happy door!  Totally changes the whole look of the house.
I already have my next project in mind!

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