Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Furniture Projects #2 and #3

Kitchen table and chairs!  We have a little kitchen nook, which is a great thing for a small table for breakfast and lunch.  We found the table at a thrift store for a good deal, and the chairs were from Kristoffer's mama, she has given us so many things, she is so generous! 

These are the chairs after they were sanded down.  That one chair on the right, oooh it's such an ugly duck.  It doesn't match the other three, and it didn't take the stain at ALL, so it's being punished and sitting in my garage still....unfinished.
 The table before.

 The chairs after the dark stain on the seat, and the WOW color on the frame.  And seriously, guess who picked the color...Kris.  I know!  I was mulling between some corals and reds, and was all a-flurry amidst paint chips, and I asked Kris what he thought, and he pulled the paint chip from the back...the one I kind of liked, but I didn't really think he'd go for.  He said, "go with this one".  He's a man of few words, really.  I'm not so much that way, so I asked him if he was sure, and he confirmed.  So I bought!
 I love the way this turned out.  I'm not putting a ton of bright color into the kitchen/family room area, so these chairs are kind of it.  And they totally pop!  The white table, I had some back and forth with this table.  I bought some white paint, and sprayed it, but it was too white, so I tried glazing it, and I hated it, so I sanded it down again and mixed the bright white with some off white and used that, much better!
 I actually think my next project are some shelves to put in the little nook just behind the table where that light switch is.
 Hey pretty table!  Hey sassy chairs!
Phew, are you keeping up with me??

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