Thursday, October 28, 2010

Potty Training Wash-Out

Oh.....My.....Goodness.  There are simply not enough words to describe my day.  I've been deliberating for a while now as to whether or not Marin is ready to potty train, so I figured that I would give it a hearty try this weekend.  I purchased 12 pair of little girl panties and had a talk with Marin this morning about what it meant to be wearing them and how we need to make sure we don't pee pee in her panties.  I dutifully set the kitchen timer for every hour so I could take her in to sit on the potty.  The day was a disaster. 

Not as soon as Marin would finish on the potty, but 20 minutes later she would wet her pants, so we re-adjusted the timer for every half an hour, which was too close together and stressed her out as evidenced by tantrums.  So we tried every 30 minutes, with no luck.  Marin spent most of the morning stressed out by the ordeal and crying and throwing tantrums and changing her clothes, and I spent the morning trying to stay calm and figure out what we were doing wrong.  Finally, the last straw came at 4:15 this afternoon as I was trying to get my things together to head to the store.  I had JUST put Marin on the potty and she had gone (for which she had been getting stickers and a marshmallow) and as I set her on my lap to put her shoes on 10 minutes later, she was wet AND messy.  I almost flipped a lid and started crying I was so frustrated.  So....I have learned that while my daughter is able to pee pee on the potty, she is NOT ready for potty training....HUGE difference...apparently. 

This is among the other things I have been doing today:  Welcoming VT into my home, jarring applesauce, roasting pumpkins for pie filling, cleaning the kitchen, dishes, feeding and referee-ing a two year old with other kids, running to the store, making dinner, and as I type: baking two pumpkin cheesecakes for tomorrow.  The one project I had to forgo tonight was Marin's Halloween outfit.  I had been trying to find the time for over 3 weeks to buy and assemble her Blue's Clue's outfit, and it was just too much today.  Not to mention my scratchy throat and cough.  So, alas, Marin will have to wear a store bought outfit this year :(

Tomorrow will be better, while still busy.  Buying a costume for Marin, picking up my paycheck, midwife appointment, dinner at Kris's aunt's home for his grandmother's birthday.

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