Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Salt Lake Getaway

This past weekend was a whirlwind of driving and dating and dining and all things delightful!  Kristoffer and I (mostly Kris I think) braved the 13 hour car trip with a 2 year old and a dog and headed to Salt Lake for my friend Amy's wedding and to see family.

We had a wonderful time!  Although the car ride was nothing to be desired, our stay was just what the doctor ordered.  We left Wednesday evening after I finished my shift and drove the whole night through to Perry, UT where Kris's dad lives and stayed the following night with him.  Marin loved playing with grand-dad and he bought her a 'present' (which she refers to now as), a Crayola plastic color box she can carry with her, containing markers, crayons, paper, and stickers.  She loves her 'present'!

Then we headed into Salt Lake to stay with Kristoffer's mom for the rest of our visit.  If Marin has a 'biggest fan', it's Trine, for sure!  Marin spent pretty much the rest of the time playing with Trine and learning how to say her full name, Marin Elise Lyman, it's so cute!  They were able to feed some ducks and have a picnic, go to the bookstore and find some books for Marin to take home, tussen tak!  (I hope that's right!).

During this time, Kris and I were able to spend some MUCH needed time alone together, outside of our living room ;)  We went to dinner and mini-golfing at Boondocks on Friday night, soooo fun!  It has been a while since I've been mini-golfing, although we tied, I think my hubby went easy on me, he's such a nice guy.
Saturday we kind of slept in and spent the morning with family, then got ready for the temple wedding!  Amy was so lovely, and the sealer had many great things to say regarding marriage.  I am so glad my hubby chose me to be his eternal companion, I am just so in love with him, and I am grateful we can be together forever with our family, no other wordly pleasure can compensate for this sacred fact!  After the sealing Kris took me to The Garden for a very late lunch/early dinner.  I had never been and the food and view was fantastic!  We chatted and took our time and gazed at the magnificent temple, so wonderful!  Then we headed to DI to buy some baby boy clothes.  I am needing to fulfill some pregnancy 'nesting' urges and DI was JUST the place to do that...so many clothes for 1/4 the cost!  After the reception we stopped briefly at Sephora and headed back for pizza and a movie.  I also talked my awesome sister in law into dying my hair, I've been wanting to go dark for a few weeks and Melodie indulged me, thanks Melodie!  It looks great too :D

Sunday we left early and weathered the LOOOOONG drive home, but here we are and are so glad to have come back with some great memories!

It seems it's been a while since I put some pictures up of Kris and I, so here are a few we took at the temple.

My belly at 22 weeks, I had no idea I looked this pregnant!

Amy and her brand spankin' new hubby!  So happy for her!
View from the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
Kris and I at the top!
Marin and grand-dad!
They played this game called "Oh-NO!" where Marin would let go of the string of a slowly wilting helium balloon and watch it slowly float to the ceiling and have grand-dad catch it just in the nick of time.
As you can tell, she just loved this game!
Uh-oh, this time it got away!

Bath time splashing.

Amy and I at the reception.

If you are wondering what this sad blur is...haha, I know!  This a moving picture of the Macaroni Grill where Kris took me to dinner to meet his family for the FIRST TIME!  I had flown to Salt Lake for Spring Break in March 2006 and we went straight from the airport to the restaurant to meet his family.  Wow, over 4 years ago!

My new hair!  I love it, and so does Kris...I've been meaning to go dark for a while for the fall, and for a change, it feels so nice to have something different.  I don't look too bad, eh?  Sorry you can't see much in this picture, I was at work and had it pulled back into a bun.

Today is a day for a walk and laundry and dishes and cleaning my house, welcome back to reality I guess!

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