Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's November?!

Just when did THAT happen?!  I was happily trucking away with life (for the most part), and then I's NOVEMBER?!  Wow, how the time has flown!  I have such a long list of things I would LOVE to get done over the course of the next...5 months or so, but time...and money too, is slipping away at an alarming rate!  What is a girl to do? list of things I can currently remember I would like to do/get done/accomplish:

1.  NOT gain another 25 pounds. (so hard!!!)
2.  Keep my sanity and keep exercising
3.  Sand, paint and refinish our kitchen table.
4.  Have my hubby re-paint the walls (not for MOI, he doesn't like the color).
5.  Hang our pictures back up.
6.  Get my baby boy's nook ready in our bedroom.
7.  Pull out all the baby gear from the garage and clean it, then find room for it.
8.  Any other 'nesting' needs I see fit.
9.  Build (from scratch) a waist high, narrow table for our front hard can it be?
10.  Continue writing my book (?!) without getting freaked out that a first draft is NEVER an A+.
11.  Save money for a doula.
12.  Save money for maternity leave.
13.  Realize I don't have enough time to save for both, so make a choice.
14.  Continue to be extraordinary.

Yes, yes, I know, I am one ambitious pregnant lady...but then must be the hormones?  I realize I haven't posted Halloween pics yet, rest assured, they are coming. 

Oh, and seeing as how Christmas is coming, if you would like suggestions on what to get for Marin, should you feel the urge to...I will try and put a new tab up on the top of the page that will give some ideas.  I have found she is getting to the age where she is getting into specific things, so it may be helpful.

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