Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cool Nip

*Sigh*....Fall has FINALLY arrived here....cool, clear days, crisp breeze, falling leaves, it is gorgeous out here and I am loving it.  If I had the money, I would buy a hay bale and gourds galore to decorate my front porch.  This time of year makes me think of corn mazes and pumpkins and crock pot dinners and all things cool and crisp outside and warm and cozy inside!  Today is no exception either, what a lovely day, I was so remiss to send my husband off to work on a steal of a day like this, but alas...away he went :(

This weekend brings much excitement for us...my friend is getting married in Salt Lake and we are headed down to celebrate with them!  I am so excited!  Not only is Amy a totally awesome friend that I have soooo many rib-cracking-while-laughing-so-hard memories with, but she has found a wonderful man after a long journey...I am so happy for her!  Of course we will be spending much of that time with family and Marin...well....she's welcome anywhere she goes!  I persuaded Kris to take me out on a date while we are there, considering how long it's been since we have actually been on a date.  I figured he would still know the best places to go, but I forgot it's been over 5 years since he's lived there!  So, if you have any suggestions for cool-'dive'-hole-in-the-wall places, please, let me know!  We leave town Wednesday evening after my shift is done at 6pm and will get there Thursday morning (yikes!), this is quite the road trip!

Little Lyman is getting to be one strong boy!  Yesterday at work he was quite insistent on letting me know he had something to say...he's starting to pack quite the punch!  Kristoffer has been able to feel him kick, actually for the first time a few days ago, and it's wonderful for Kris to have that physical awareness that his little boy is there.  I will say, there are moments I surprise myself by remembering I am carrying a BOY this time instead of girl...but it feels so right to have a little boy join our home, I am very excited. 
I have been diligent with exercise, although, my midwife gently told me that I most likely shouldn't be running anymore.  I think perhaps it had something to do with the excruciating pelvic pain I would have for the rest of the day after a rendez-vous with the pavement.  So...while I am glad to not be in pain, I am sad I don't have a quick calorie burning exercise, looks like it's walking and pilates for me!  My last weigh in was 20 pounds for 21 weeks...YUCK...DOUBLE yuck!  Kris took the scale away from me because I was on the verge of tears over this...so, it may be a while before my next weight check.  I'm getting angry just thinking about it....

Yesterday I read the most delightful book:  The Princess Academy by...ummm, shoot, I don't remember.  It's a story about a young girl who lives in a secluded community high up in the mountain who is called with all the other village girls of a certain age to attend the Princess Academy.  The prince will choose his bride from the academy girls and the rest may return to their families, but of course, the heroine of the story is called upon to be brave in some unexpected twists she and the girls encounter .  It sounds like a totally juvenile book (in essence, it is...it's in the juvenile section), but I had it recommended to me by some church friends and I loved it!  The writer is excellent and the story line is easy to follow and well woven together.  I think I will check out some other books by this author as I was quite impressed.  And yes, I read the WHOLE thing yesterday while I was at work, all 310 pages, when I get into a book, it's GONE!

Today is a play date with a friend down the street and packing for out trip, can't wait to see everyone!

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