Friday, October 15, 2010


Today I am picking up my first real paycheck from my new job out here!!  Can you tell I'm excited?  Even though I know that by the end of the day, it will be long gone, I am still happy to be bringing in some much needed cash.  And, lest you think I will be frivolously spending it on...whatever, I laugh in your face!  My first purchase will be diapers and groceries and the rest of it will go straight to bills...being a grown-up is such a drag sometimes!

Marin LOVES "tunnels", as she calls them.  Any blanket anywhere is destined to become a tunnel.  If she is by herself, she puts it over her head and yells "Tunnel, mommy, look!".  If she is with daddy, they drape the blanket over their heads, just the two of them and...well, I don't know what they chat about in there, but it sure is funny!  And if mommy is feeling ambitious, I drape the blanket over objects and make more of a fort for her to crawl around under.  Any way you slice it, she always up for "tunnels".

This weekend, I am hoping to go to Roloff Farms and get pumpkins for carving, and then maybe find a place to pick some apples.  Marin will have her first REAL experience with pumpkin 'guts' and Kris of course is excited to show her this.  I have also been wanting to make either applesauce or apple pie filling for jarring. 

*Sigh*....Fall is in full swing and I am LOVING every minute.  I'm hoping to make some sausage dressing stuffed acorn squash sometime soon for dinner, so I will let you know when I have a recipe for that on my food blog.  And of course, I have to get to my sugar pumpkins for homemade pumpkin pie, but I will keep you all posted!


Heather said...

Cute picture! I'm loving fall right now too. :)

Anonymous said...

love homemade applesauce!