Friday, October 22, 2010

Riding the "E"

Dear Samantha, you've worked 30 hours this week while cooking a rapidly growing baby inside your ever expanding belly.  You have run errands and endured the horrors of Portland traffic, grocery shopped and cooked meals and cleaned house and done dishes twice a day.  You've cared for a trying two year old, a disobedient psychotic dog and a naughty cat.  You've watched your hard earned money disappear from your bank account....while saving ZERO dollars.  You've pulled together some last minute visiting teaching card making and distribution, ushered in the washing machine repair man, babysat other children and have somehow managed to spend just about every last minute of each day in the service of someone or something while seeing your husband for a grand total of....2 hours this week.  And today, well, today, you can do all of this with a swollen, scratchy throat and clogged, achy head.  Muwwwwaahhhhahahaaa! 

Good luck and best wishes, The Universe and it's awesomely stellar powers.

Samantha has been "Riding the 'E'" (empty) this week, can you tell?  No apologies for not posting, it's been a busy week and I am ready for warm bath, sweats and a sock around my throat (to help the sore-ness, of course).  So, you will have to wait a little while longer for quality posting. 

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Anonymous said...

Feel better!