Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Daddy Daughter Campout

Friday night to Saturday, Kris took his little girl to our Ward Daddy Daughter Campout.  Marin had been looking forward to this all week, and woke up daily shouting "Camping Daddy!!  Hot Dogs!!  Mallows!  Pancakes!  Chase the chickens, mommy!".  It was really quite cute to hear her talk about this.  Kris was also very excited, as was mama, for a night....alone!  And what did I do all by myself, you ask?  Papa John's Pizza for one, a girly movie, hung some pictures, did my nails, listened to....silence, it was great.  I will say that by the morning, I missed my family!

So, here are the pics that Kris took of their little campout, they both had a great time:

Mommy giving Marin a goodbye hug and kiss!

Ahhh, the poor, unsuspecting chickens!
So cute!  Marin insisted on bringing her stuffed animals, all three, luckily, that's all she sleeps with.
Wow, she looks so different in this pic!  I'm not sure who she resembles, I don't think it's me!
One chicken, on her way to find a quiet spot!
Marin going after those chickens...I don't think they laid eggs for DAYS after this campout, haha!
A pixie movie for the little girls, very fitting.
Marshmallow slime!
Is this not the funniest look ever?  I have no idea what she was doing or thinking, but it cracks me up!
Marin was the youngest girl there, but she did just fine, she plays the best with older kids.
One more go with those chickens before heading home.

So happy they had fun, it's great to see my hubby be an awesome dad, and he just relishes his time with Marin, I think she kind of likes him too ;)

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