Monday, September 13, 2010

A Little Kick

Yesterday morning, Little Lyman surprised me with a good morning kick!  I woke up and was laying in bed and felt a very distinctive jab up near my belly button (as my uterus tends to shift upwards while I sleep), so I pushed back with my fingers, and so did baby!  I am telling you, this pregnancy has been just chock full of "early" experiences.  I keep expecting a few more weeks before these milestones, so either it's a very strong baby or my due date is in need of a change.  I have a feeling my midwife will move my due date up at our next appointment/ultrasound after they measure the baby.  Which, would be fine with me!  I am still at 13 pounds for 18 weeks (today), so that's good news, which is 4 pounds over, but that's ok in my book!  I can't help but feeling so hungry lately.  It's not so much in the quantity that I eat, it's more my desire to eat every 2 hours (at least!), and how fast I devour my food.  I literally INHALE my food when it's on the plate in front of me.  Last night we had pot roast for dinner and I totally beat Kris, he still had half a plate of food left!  My latest 'go-to' snack has been the Everything Bagel.  It has sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and onion bits on it, and I just LOVE those bagels, I eat at least one a day.  And apples, I have been eating at least one apple a day.  I'm not usually a huge apple fan (unless they are Cortland apples, and even then...), but they are really the only fruit I've really desired, although I do eat other fruit :)

Marin playing with her marble track, she insists on playing 'marble track' with daddy as soon as he gets home from work...I have a feeling she kind of likes her daddy ;)  And she has discovered a new favorite food:  Spaghettio's!  I had almost forgotten about this child-delicacy until the other day, and Marin thinks they are the best thing ever.  It's easy to mix in a veggie puree and she devours them, yay!  She has been forming the most amazing sentences lately, it just cracks me up to listen to her say these things.  And yesterday morning we were singing church songs before we left for sacrament meeting and she could sing just about the whole first verse of "I am a Child of God" on her own!  Such a big girl!  I am debating about what to dress her as for Halloween, it's between Blue (from Blue's Clue's, her new favorite) or Nemo.  I just can't decide which one to do!

This is the view from off of our back porch!  You can see we have two flat, terrace like beds which I haven't done much with yet, but I am hoping to soon.  Sadly, the water in the background is not running, it's more like....a little pond that's fed from an underground reservoir (from what I hear), so it can get pretty mucky if it hasn't rained in a while.  But, we can see ducks every day, and otters, and a blue heron and hear the birds, it's really wonderful.

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