Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You Get a Line, I'll Get a Pole....

No worries my good readers, I have pictures a plenty for you all today!  This Labor Day Weekend was fabulous, we had such a great time, and Marin, although after missing out on naptime and a few late nights, was a happy little girl to have her daddy for 3 whole days!  Friday evening we headed into Portland by the river to listen to some fine tunes by delightful symphony orchestra, and as it was a free concert, extra incentive!  While we didn't stay long, the atmosphere and smells were intoxicating, Portland is a great place for culture. 

So here is Marin and daddy playing together before breakfast.  Marin loves putting puzzles together and daddy is a great teacher.  She claps her hands and say's "Yaaaay, did it!" when she fits two pieces together, so cute!

There's my sweet little one!  She had a little rash below her right nostril for a few days, in case you think she's bleeding!  And of course, her marble track from grandma and grandpa, she LOVES the marble track :)

Crepes for breakfast, yum....Marin liked spreading on the strawberry jam and rolling it up!  And, daddy opening the bag of worms for Marin to see.

Daddy showing Marin the bag of worms, and Marin having a very close look at that squirmy little worm!

Marin reeling in the fish, daddy is so good with her, he had a great time showing his little girl how to fish.
Marin is not quite sure what to think about that fish.....it looks a little different than Nemo!  And Kris holding up our catch of the day, 4 fish!  I did catch one myself, and Kris and I both cleaned them ourselves, do I sound like you're little Mormon housewife now? ;)

That night Kris took Marin to a baseball game, poor thing was tired anyway, but she wanted to go so badly!  They rode the Max (electric train) to the city and Marin came home telling mommy about the balls and popcorn and lollipop and screaming she did at the game.  She had a great time and went to bed exhausted, but very happy :)

Yesterday we went with some friends to the same lake to show them the fishing!  Look at the men....cleaning their catch, so....manly.  My hubby was already a pro, doesn't he look like such an outdoorsy man with his thermals and hat on (he had his leatherman strapped to his belt...meow!).  And our little Marin, veeeeery sleepy and having a hard time.  We left the pond soon after and she was asleep before we left the parking lot.
Sunday we had friends over for dinner and then had a huge dessert-fest with them and 3 other couples.  It was a great way to spend the weekend. I am just so grateful to have a wonderful husband that loves his family and wants to spend time us and make us happy.  He is so in love with his little girl and she thinks he is just the best gosh darn daddy out there! 

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and Kristoffer dragged himself off to work this morning.  I dragged myself out of bed too...I had an interview!!  Hooray!  It was with a home care company that handles many pediatric clients and although it wasn't my first choice, there is a silver lining!  I will be able to do some orientation to ventilators, something I have been meaning to do for a while.  This will give me a chance to get some great vent experience, not feel pressured, work, get out of the house, make some money (sweet!),  and take me through the rest of my pregnancy.  Things went very well today and I already passed 3 competencies, so after reference checks and background checks, I imagine I will be able to start my job soon!

Marin is growing so fast, I can hardly believe how much she is turning into a sweet little...child!  She knows all of her basic colors, she can sing the ABC's, she can (sometimes) count to 8, and is doing great with potty training.  I am learning she likes some new crafts, and I think I will be getting some pipe cleaners and beads for her to string.  She gives me kisses on both cheeks before she goes to bed and is getting better at putting her own clothes on, although, it's still cute to watch!  And do you know what's crazy?  This next baby will make two kids total for the Lyman house!!  I still can't believe I am living this life sometimes, it is going so fast :)

Kristoffer is still on the hunt for a different job, certainly no pressure right now as he's still with UOP, but hopefully he will find a change for his own sanity!  He deserves a change and he works so hard for us....I love my husband, have I mentioned that?

And Little Lyman is just weeks away from the gender ultrasound!  We have our ultrasound on the 24th and then we will know just what we are dealing with.  My vote is for a boy!  I will try and find a vote-ticker to put on the blog so you can all cast your ballots. 

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