Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I cannot tell you how many times over the past few months I have wondered to myself, "What is going on?!  This is crazy, how long will things be like this?!".  I am sure most of us have wondered this at MANY times during our lives, and we often want to know when things will just....settle down.  I have a great husband, if you didn't already know, and if I haven't told you this a thousand times before.  He rocks.  Kristoffer is truly an answer to many heartfelt prayers growing up and he lives up to his word...every time.  There are moments before we fall asleep when we lay there in bed and just talk about, well, everything and nothing!  It gives us a chance to reconnect and make sure we are on the same page, before we start another day.  I say this because often, over the last few months in the stresses life has presented to our family, Kristoffer has reluctantly shared some of his frustrations and fears with me....

I have learned something, however.  I have learned something from a warm and sweet Disney movie we watch frequently at the Lyman house (all together now!).  In the scene where Marlin and Dory are hanging from the whale's tongue (confused yet?) and Dory is insisting she speaks whale and that the whale is telling them to let go and fall into the dark abyss that appears to be the whale's belly (NOW are you confused?), the two fish have the following conversation:

Dory:  He say's, it's time to let GO!  Everything's gonna be alright!
Marlin: (panicked)  How do you know?!  How do you something bad isn't gonna happen?!
Dory:  I don't!

And in that moment, Marlin realizes his mistakes.  As he hangs precariously from a whale's tongue and contemplates letting go and falling into the unknown, he realizes....he has to let go.  He has to let everything go.  Life is uncontrollable and unpredictable and miserable if you try to bridle it.  It's just life.  And Dory, in her child-like wisdom, responds by telling him...she has no idea that nothing bad will happen, but there is just no other option.

I say all of this because I feel that I (and Kristoffer) have learned over the past few months to just...let go.  Do the best you can and hope for a good outcome.  There is only so much to life we can control and stressing over a lack of it makes us unhappy, miserable and downright depressed!  Kris and I will frequently quote this to each other, just as a reminder.  So although it may be a silly cartoon, we took a very valuable lesson from it.  Just thought I would share :)

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